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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A slow day in the world of sports...

The Sports Pickle notes that "despite a name that would suggest it would feature nothing but stars, Major League Baseball will reportedly include three Toronto Blue Jays players in this week's All-Star Game, a move that could possibly undermine the entire event."  The game goes tonight, of course.

It comes as a huge surprise to nobody that Rev. Jesse Jackson has likened Cleveland CavaliersDan Gilbert's treatment of LeBron James owner to those of a slave master: "His feelings of betrayal personify a slave master mentality. He sees LeBron as a runaway slave"  Sorry, Mr. Jackson, it is actually possible for a black man and a white man to have a disagreement that isn't racially motivated.  But that doesn't keep your name in the spotlight, does it?

Good news for the surprising New York Mets.  They're getting Carlos Beltran back in the mix this week for the first time this year.

2010 marks the first time since the six division format began in MLB in 1994 that no team enters the All-Star break with a lead in their division of five games or more.  The Texas Rangers are closest at 4.5, but they did just get swept at home by Baltimore.

Might the NBA see a "big three" in New York in the coming years?  They might, if Chris Paul was serious about comments he made about joining Amare Stoudamire and Carmelo Anthony in the Big Apple

Will somebody please, please drop the "Delonte West tapped LeBron James mom" story already so we can all laugh at him even further?  There will be no running from that one.  A great shirt being sold off a very cryptic sounding website called appears at left.  Love the latest gloss I heard for him: LeCon.

Confirming what we already suspected, Scarlett Johansson is hot for Mango. Speaking of Scarlett, check out this guys running list of 500 things he'd do to bang her.

For those scoring at home, finished 36-28 in the World Cup picks.  56% and change.

Overall the average goals per game at the World Cup was 2.27, just ahead of Italia 90’s mark of 2.21, which is the lowest of all time, but in the knockout stage the goals per game average rose to a healthy 2.75 which was the best since 1998’s mark of 2.81.  There were 145 goals scored in total.

Presumably, somebody won the Home Run Derby, if it is indeed over.  Prediction: Chris Berman overdid the "back, back, back, back..." thing somewhere during the first at bat, if not sooner.

First we hear that Bryan Colangelo has jettisoned the horrible Hedo Turkoglu deal, and now comes word he's shipping Jose Calderon?  The man must be after my heart.

Tough week for Yankee fans.  Bob Shepperd passed away on the weekend, and they'll use his voice (recorded) to introduce Derek Jeter, and today, we hear that George Steinbrenner has passed away.  You may not have respected everything The Boss did, but you have to want him as an owner.  Committed to winning.  Period.

Have a great day.  GO A.L.!

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