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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"You don't apologize for NOTHING? Then you're a dishonest..."

You know that George Steinbrenner's death is a big story when it boots Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption to ESPN2.  Wonder if that pushes the Hal Steinbrenner, The Boss Jr., to push hard for a Yankees World Series win in his dad's last year?  Checkout Steinbrenner's Greatest Hits.  But hey, at least I had The Boss in my Death Pool for 2010.

Dave Feschuk at the Toronto Star hammers Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo for his latest version of Raptors Makeover.  Fault him for not getting it right if you will, but can't fault him for sitting by and not trying.

There's a ticket for the Toronto Blue Jays visit to Yankee Stadium on Stub Hub going for a mere $350,000.  Presumably that includes parking, a hot dog and beverage?

The World Cup was a ratings bonanza for CBC, shattering previous records in Canada.  Partly, that is the result of being on CBC which is so widely available, and partly, because now bars are counted with far greater accuracy.  The finals peaked at over 7.5 million viewers.  A 3D viewership rating of 4 viewers is also rumored to have been set.

Bruno Fernandes Das Dores de Souza - in the running for Brazil's goalkeeping job for 2014 World Cup - is pretty safely out of the running now.  Seems 'ol Bruno didn't take kindly to a girl he got pregnant - porn star Eliza Samudo - deciding to keep the now four month old baby, so he hired a couple of goons and watched while they choked her to death, then had her carved up and fed to dogs.  Classy.

Jon Heyman at dishes out his mid-season awards for each league's MVP, LVP (least valuable player), Cy Young, Cy Old (worst pitcher) and more in this spot.  A good recap of a great first half.  Of note: check out the Cy Young race in the N.L.  Freaking impressive.

ESPN's Jon Miller - and he can't pronounce Adrian Beltre without saying "Bell-Tray", so take this with a heavy dose of sodium - has accused the Colorado Rockies of manipulating the balls used in home games, mixing in some non-humidor balls when the Rockies are trailing.  That's a pretty heavy accusation to levy without a whole lot of evidence.

It wasn't long ago that the Chicago White Sox were prime fire sale candidates.  But, win 25 of 30 and you suddenly become buyers, which they may need to with Jake Peavy out for the season.

Check out the 14 Best Goals of World Cup 2010. I'm sure some comedic lightweights are waiting to say "hey, every goal made it!"  Save it.  Not sure Forlan's goal vs. Holland or Ronaldo's vs. North Korea belong.  Landon Donovan's goal is my top one.  Goosebumps still.

Mel Gibson is insane.  This is the most amazing 8 minutes and change you'll hear this year.

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