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Saturday, July 17, 2010

68 + 1

Hands down, the greatest shirt in the history of shirts appears at left today.  Speechless.

Not good news coming out of Buffalo on the Bills ticket front.  Although the visits by the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers are sold out, and the NY Jets visit is just about, they're expecting to sell fewer than 50,000 season tickets this year, a drop off of 5,000 from last season.

Chicago Black Hawks captain Jonathan Toews took the Stanley Cup home to Winnipeg and did the usual public rally, a City Hall visit...and a ride on the bus.

If you were one of the 39,000+ in attendance at the Rogers Centre, you got to witness a fantastic performance from Manchester United's Dimitar Berbatov who scored a beauty, set up another with a ridiculous pass, and in general toyed with Glasgow Celtic for a full 90 minutes in Man United's 3-1 win.  Worth every one of the $165 paid.  Hopefully you got there early.  Seems the Rogers Centre had thousands upon thousands jamming the entrances in the first 15 minutes of action.  Guessing it had something to do with not being used to such large crowds.

Good news soccer fans: the scantily clad ladies promoting Setanta Sports at Rogers Centre last night tell me that their channel is going HD for this coming soccer season, with over 600 games shown in HD.  The cost?  $16.95 a month, only a couple bucks more than the Extremely Low Def they offered before.

Manny Pacquiao has agreed to all terms for a fight with Floyd Mayweather, yet another deadline passed.  Something to do with Mayweather wanting guarantees that his perfect record will remain intact.  Moreso theory than fact...or is it?

Former Toronto Raptor Hedo Turkoglu had gall bladder surgery?  This should surprise nobody because while in Toronto, he sure displayed a lot of gall.

You know I'm a fan of baseball injuries.  The latest?  San Diego Padres pitcher Mat Latos hurt his back...holding in a sneeze.

Check out Holland's Arjen Robben ranting about the officiating in the World Cup Final.  Tool.

Not sure how it took so long to see this one, but check out German World Cupper Mesmut Ozil's juggling act in pre-game warmups.

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hi said...

It took me the notice of the title to understand the picture. I was trying to think who wore the number, shame on me.

I can kind of relate to the Mat Latos injury. As nearly all of us did, I've played sports all my life, and taken elbows, shoulders, knees, heads, and etc. all over my body, but the biggest pains I've had to endure--aside from those that required surgeries--were the ones I've gotten on my rib cage whenever I tried to hold a hiccup. It feels like your entire bone structure relocated amongst themselves. I guess I should go see a doctor now that I am aware it's something to be taken serious of.