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Friday, July 16, 2010

Hollywood LeBron

Fantastic article passed my way by one JG, who often checks things out herebouts.  The title says it all: Sorry if you think soccer sucks.  But nobody cares what you think.  Fantastic.  I've loved hearing some football or baseball fans tell me that it moves to slow.  Really?  Last I looked, save for one halftime, it doesn't stop, and 90 minutes takes either that or just over.  Not the three plus hours that the 60 minutes of a football game takes, not the infinite time a baseball game can take.  Don't get me wrong, I love all three, just don't understand the ridiculous need to compare all three when you can judge them all on their own merits.  Do I like the diving and theatrics of some?  Hell no.  But if you're a (North American) football fan and don't think there's theatrics there, you're dreaming.  Or if you think grabbing a guy by his nutsack or fishhooking him is sport, then carry on.  If you think there's no diving in basketball or hockey, you're simply not paying attention.

Now here's an NBA star I can get with: Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant has no opt out clause in his new contract. Why? To aid the team's recruiting efforts to attract other players so they don't fear the team losing its young star, unlike a certain former Cleveland Cavalier.

Thierry Henry, former French captain and a highly decorated player with both Arsenal and Barcelona, has finally agreed to terms to play for the New York Red Bull in the MLS.  Also entertaining a move to the MLSManchester United's Ryan Giggs.  Giggs and many of his start teammates are in Toronto tonight for a friendly - exhibition game to the uninitiated - against Glasgow Celtic.  Yours truly will be sitting midfield 18 rows up.

Great bit of info passed my way from regular reader KD: World Cup fans watching at outdoor venues in South Korea, not wanting to miss a minute of the action, drove a 168% increase in the sale of adult diapers in the last month.

The MLS, which owns its players as opposed to individual teams, says it will not sell U.S. World Cup star Landon DonovanMe, if he wants to go, you let the man go to bigger clubs and more fame.  He's still young enough that after a couple years in Everton or Chelsea, as has been rumored, that he can come back and you can still cash in.

Somebody might want to tell MLB Commissioner Bud Selig that his "this one counts" thing for the All-Star Game can officially die now.  The game Tuesday drew the lowest rating of all the times.

A double shot of MMA talk here: 10 reasons why UFC rules sports.  Also, 10 must see fights for the second half of 2010.

Think Jacksonville is sweating losing the Jaguars?  Some fans have started a website called "NowayLA" to push to keep the team in J-Ville.

If you haven't had enough of Chris Berman's "back, back, back" routine at the overdone Home Run Derby, then you'll enjoy this compilation of his 2010 effort.  If you are tired of it, then only go there if looking for torture.

What would RM be without a regular installment of WAG's?  Up today, the 50 Hottest WAG's of all the times.

Why the internet rules, part 7,869,419: the Mel Gibson Soundboard.

Why the internet rules, part 7,869,420:  LeBron James dumps on Cleveland, NWO Wolfpack style...


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Video is too awesome. But no shoutout for finding it?

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