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Saturday, July 10, 2010

There have been 33 goals in the last eight 3rd place games so no reason to think today is anything but a free flowing game when Uruguay face Germany. German striker Miroslav Klose needs a goal to share the all-time World Cup goal title, two to own it.  Can't imagine anything other than a German win today, and that indeed is the pick for today.

Tucker Max on Tiger Woods, with a side of LeBron James: "Poor Tiger Woods. His whores took his dignity, his wife took $750mil, and LeBron took his 'Biggest Fuckface in Sports' title."  Must've forgot about the Old Has Been.

Green Bay Packer DB Charles Woodson says his QB Aaron Rodgers is the "best quarterback in the league."  That's so cute when guys confuse "league" with "city" or "division". 

Check out these MMA rankings and pound-for-pound rankings.  Still find it hard to believe Roy Nelson is ranked top ten in anything.

Was the Nigeria/Greece World Cup game fixed, with some Nigerian players on the take?  Could well be, if you believe this piece.  To add fuel to the fire, there was talk before the tourney that the Nigerian players were in a pay dispute with their federation, opening the door for the vultures to pounce.

Toronto FC look to push their unbeated-at-home-in-a-calendar-year streak ever closer to a year today when they host the Colorado Rapids today with a noon kickoff.  I suspect they take all three points today unlike recent games where they start and finish with a draw.

Love the LeBitch quote to the right here.  How very Bryan McCabe of him to ignore his own words.  It was McCabe, mental midget that he is, that once famously said he'd "never" play under a salary cap in the NHL.  Great cover in the Cleveland Plain Dealer above, too.

Back tomorrow with your World Cup pick, and that's despite what is a combo celebration tonight of the birthday of yours truly and a good friend's bachelor party. Man's game, this!

Alex Jones - famed conspiracy theorist and fear-monger at - goes off about LeBron James and his decision and what it means in the grand schem of things.  Don't always agree with Jones, or his methods, but he's crushing it here.

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