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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If you ain't for the Dutch, you ain't much...

A BlackBerry opened to the wrong day on the calendar can lead to thinking today's World Cup semi-final is Germany facing Spain, when it is in fact Holland taking on Uruguay.  That transgression aside, thinking this game screams Holland win. Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder have proven big forces in attack for the Dutch, who traditionally enter a major tourney a house on fire and a stylistic favorite. This one has been a bit slower to build, but that has translated to a deep run and they've got everyone's attention after a big win over Brazil in the quarters on Friday. Uruguay, as mentioned yesterday, rode a lucky break in the dying moments to a penalty kick win over Paraguay, and of course will be minus Luis Suarez for that huge save, though Diego Forlan has been dynamite as far as I'm concerned and will pose plenty of concern for the Dutch defence. In the end, I think the Dutch can smell the final on Sunday and a shot at a long overdue World Cup, and I'm saying they emerge 2-0 winners, giving them a World Cup record six wins in a tournament.  Uruguay are winless in 13 matches against European teams. So once again, Holland is the pick as yours truly aims for ten straight winners and 34-27 overall.

So this baseball All-Star Game that "counts" is allowing players to re-enter the game after they leave?  The joke gets bigger.

Ilya Kovalchuk is going to stay with the New Jersey Devils after all in what has to be termed a surprised. He scored a seven-year deal worth an un-Devil-like $60 million

The Toronto Raptors are said to have received six sign-and-trade proposals for Chris Bosh, with offers from Miami and Chicago the most palatable of the group.

Finally a big name in the NBA moved in free agency, with Amare Stoudamire jumping to the New York Knicks.  He knows that Steve Nash just lives in New York and doesn't play there, right?  LeBron James is expected to make his announcement tomorrow.  Would it surprise anybody that with that bit of information out if the OHB tries to scoop the spotlight and announces his "comeback" too?

If you've ever wondered how Mariano Rivera has gotten by for so long throwing almost exclusively one pitch, wonder no more with the aid of this insane breakdown via video.  Must-see stuff if you're a baseball fan. 

Rolling Stone Mick Jagger has been glossed the World Cup Angel of Death by some, and not just because he resembles the dead.

Phil Jackson's return to coach the LA Lakers means he's got a chance at a fourth three-peat in his career. Crazy.

Where else but Columbia would one find a replica of the World Cup trophy, made entirely out of cocaine with a crude paint job over top?  The "trophy" was en route to Spain.

Strange as it may sound, Toronto FC are less than two weeks away from being unbeaten at home in a calendar year.

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