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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spanish Fly

Shame on me for missing the great headline at the right a couple days back.  Better late than never, right?

Speaking of "better late than never," Spain finally showed the form everybody had just begun to think had disappeared during their Euro 2008 win yesterday against Germany, a 1-0 semi-final win for the Spaniards that assures Sunday that they or Holland will become a first time World Cup Champion.  Back was the creative and urgent side that chased relentlessly when without the ball, forcing Germany into a lot more mistakes than we're used to seeing of the GermansGermany looked strangely flat aside from Mesut Ozil, who was fantastic.  No matter what happens Sunday, you have to assume Germany enter Euro 2010 as the favorites to win.

Check out these 11 hilarious sports commentator announcements.

New France coach Laurent Blanc is outraged by the attitude and antics of the 2010 entry into the World Cup.  And in other news, the sky is blue.

It is a good thing that Chris Bosh has dropped the "I want to be the man" act.  I really don't think he could lead Lindsay Lohan to a bottle of booze or pills with a GPS.

LeBron James is expected to end the ridiculous torture today and announce his decision at 9pm tonight on ESPN in the U.S., and The Score in Canada.  Some indications that New York may be back in play, though possibly not, says ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd who brought the "Delonte West tapped 'bron's mom" story (hear it at the end of today's entry), while others think Miami is the spot.  And the most accurate story in my estimation comes in this piece from Deadspin under the somewhat cryptic title: LeBron James is a Cocksucker. Great read.  Love Jason Whitlock glossing him "LeBrett James".  Nice.  Prediction: that Delonte West story gets run tomorrow, in full, at the latest.

And speaking of sucking cock, how about porn star Bobbi Eden, who has vowed that if Holland win the World Cup, her and a couple of colleagues will blow the crotch vuvuzelas of all 65,000 - and climbing - of her Twitter followers.

Cowherd on LeBron's mom...


Anonymous said...

Personally, I thought Ozil was mostly innefective. Germany couldn't get ANYTHING going in terms of offense, they were just pinned back forever and theyre attacking players just didnt have the stamina, Ozil included (IMO anyways)

gbvh said...

These me-me-me NBA clowns are really pissing me off.

BronxBomber said...

Bobbi Eden gained one more follower

BigHeadedJerk said...

Excellent article by Simmons. Skip to the part where he calls out Bosh for being an attention whore.