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Friday, July 9, 2010

Three all-me-go's

The best part about LeJudas announcement yesterday, other than the world now knows and can move on from the tedium of LeBrett updates?  The letter to Cleveland Cavalier fans from owner Dan Gilbert, in which he annihilates LeDouche.  Another report had Gilbert calling him LeQuitter for his playoff performance against Boston.  Amazing stuff.  As for his bit about promising the Cavs win a championship before the Heat do, is there a fan anywhere - other than Miami Heat fans, of course - that doesn't hope it works out that way?  Suddenly, the Cavs are everyone's fav second team.

Miami reporter Dan LeBatard looks at how the deal came together and credits Dwayne Wade with brokering the deal and allowing the Heat to work around tampering rules.  We'll see if things work so smoothly come their first playoff series when they get pushed.

I'm not sure how many rings the Heat will win, but they're definitely in the early lead for most knee braces on under-30 players.  Have fun with that.  "Paging Dr. Andrews..."

Chin up, New Yorkers. Your fine city and horrible hoops squad may not have signed LeBron James, and saw David Lee skip off to the Golden State Warriors of all teams, but at least your Yankees are getting another Lee in town by all indications, perhaps in time to see him start for you tonight instead of against you.

Cleveland Cavalier season ticket holders have their money in for 2010/2011.  Wonder if they're at all angry now?  Funny that Gilbert neglected to mention that bit in his bombs he delivered last night.  And speaking of ticket sales: good luck with that, Toronto RaptorsMemo to the Toronto Blue Jays: you're no longer the worst draw in town real soon.

The Globe & Mail looks at the battle between Nike and Adidas for soccer supremacy.

Very classy of Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldo - the fat one, not the Portuguese pretty boy - to warn current Brazilian national team member Felipe Melo that he might not want to vacation in Brazil after scoring an own goal in Brazil's elimination at the hands of Holland last week.  Don't recall anyone warning Ronaldo after his famous meltdown before the 1998 final against France in which he then played like a zombie.

The last time so much talent got together on one team to grab a ring was the 2003-04 LA Lakers with Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neill all together, and we know how that turned out.

Should Holland win the World Cup on Sunday, that would complete one hell of a season for midfielder, and Manchester United target, Wesley Sneijder.  He's already won the Italian league with Inter Milan, captured the Champions League there as well, and is now on the verge of the ultimate prize.  Not bad for a guy who along with teammate Arjen Robben, was deemed expendable by Real Madrid just a year ago.

I normally don't reference things that appear in the message side of the blog, but had this one saved up from Bill Simmons after yesterday's edition (later referenced by BigHeadedJerk) and it is well worth a read even today, after we know where LeBron James ended up.  Bonus points to The Sports Guy for crushing the notion that Chris Bosh is a superstar.

Finally today, check out the World's Largest Skateboard.  Amazing.


BronxBomber said...

I wish nothing but cervical cancer for LeDouche and Rupaul

gbvh said...

I am SO DONE with NBA hoops.

NP: Danko Jones -- Never Again.

BronxBomber said...

I'm with you GBVH. Sportsnet, which created an extra channel, similar to TSN2 is moving all its NBA material over ther. I'm not buying into this BS. NCAA it is.