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Saturday, May 7, 2011

There's a fight tonight?

The Boston Bruins exacted some payback for last year's 3-0 collapse to Philadelphia by getting to the same position and then closing the Flyers out last night with a 5-1 win.  Can't recall so many series being so one-sided in the NHL's second round.  The Detroit Red Wings lived to fight another day after their 4-3 win over San Jose last night, a game in which they almost coughed up a 3-0 lead.  Vancouver heads home tonight to try to close out the Nashville Predators.

Somehow, LeBron James thinks that the Miami Heat's recent run of form has people hopping on their bandwagon.  A rather quick and unscientific survey of some hoops fans last night tells me he couldn't be more wrong, they're as hated as ever, if not more.  Of course, it was almost a year ago that LeBron thought taking to ESPN for "The Decision" was a smart play, too.

Nice knowing you, LA Lakers of 2011.  And Ron Artest drives a Hyundai A solid reason to hate the man because I freaking hate Hyundai's - worst drivers on the road.  And speaking of the NBA playoffs, Bill Simmons looks at this year's playoffs using quotes from The Wire, one of the best shows of all time if the hype is believed, though I've only seen the first four episodes (which were awesome).

Hard to believe, but arguably the biggest name in boxing today - Manny Pacquiao - is fighting "Sugar" Shane Mosely and it barely registers with the general public, or at least it seems that way to me.  There's almost zero chance the PacMan loses this one, so maybe that is it?  Having been in Vegas for his last fight though, I'd bet heavy the whole city is watching.

In the English Premier League, all eyes are on tomorrow's visit to Old Trafford in Manchester tomorrow at 11am where Chelsea visit United.  A United win all but clinches the championship, but even a draw has United firmly in the drivers seat with two very winnable games left.  A loss, and things could well go down to goal differential.  I'm saying United win, despite Chelsea skipper John Terry saying Chelsea are confident of victory. Conspiracy theorists from the Chelsea side will have their tin foil hats on with the choice of Howard Webb, sometimes called a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Manchester United, as the match official.

UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste hit the beach in Miami this week.  Cameras were happy.

Toronto FC host Houston Dynamo tonight.  Optimism does not abound.  Kickoff is 7pm on GolTV.

There's a documentary of Auggie Garrido, the manager of Texas (University of) in which he shows new and incredible ways to light into a team.  So worth your five minutes and change.

Inning By Inning: A Portrait of a Coach by sportsxbrooks

If Cleveland Indian Shin-Soo Choo is saying that he wasn't drunk, the police video sure suggests otherwise.

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