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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Real Whiners

Very classy of Xabi Alonso and Cristiano Ronaldo to go to the tired whining about officiating to explain their Champions League semi-final elimination.  Now, I agree with Alonso in thinking the refs screwed up one goal by calling it back, but even a 2-1 win yesterday wouldn't have seen them through.  Ronaldo's comments were even more explosive, including this gem: "whoever knows anything about football knows that Barcelona get preferential treatment."  Come on CR, quit channeling your countryman and manager Jose Mourinho, you're better than that. Funny, I don't recall them complaining of conspiracies when they won the Copa del Ray a few weeks back over Barcelona, or when Barca crushed them 5-0 this season.  Barcelona will now move to the finals on May 28th.

Manchester United have a tightrope to walk today in their home leg against Schalke.  Yes, they hold a 2-0 aggregate lead, but they're also trying to rest some stars ahead of a huge, EPL-crown-on-the-line-potentially matchup with Chelsea this Sunday (get Setanta for a day if you need!).  Still can't see United not making the finals.  Too much experience, and word is they're playing their starting defenders so that ought to keep the back firmed up.

I don't understand how when the Washington Capitals, down 3-0 in their series after last night's 4-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning, the "Alex Ovechkin can't win" train fires up.  A little simple research will tell you that Ovechkin has won at every level but the NHL and just because he hasn't, doesn't mean he can't or won't.  That, and the Hall of Fame is littered with guys that have never sniffed the Stanley Cup.  No singular talent has ever won a Cup alone, or Wayne Gretzky would have kept on winning when he left Edmonton. Horribly weak argument.

11 periods and 9 goals in the Vancouver and Nashville series, now led by the Canucks.  To call it tight is pretty obvious.  Shea Webber must be thrilled that Osama bin Laden got bumped off, as with enough of a tan and a little dialysis, he might be a body double with that beard soon.

Shin-Soo Choo is the second Cleveland Indian to be clipped on a drunk driving charge.  Choo blew a .20, and as impressively, stopped to ask the arresting officer earlier in the evening for directions.  No word on if the cop said "Choo shouldn't be drinking and driving".  And isn't it funny that MLB is so wound up trying to find a test for HGH, which most studies now say has little or no performance enhancing qualities, but they're seeing players arrested driving loaded almost weekly now?  Think they might have a liability problem there with a player from a mega-million or billion dollar franchise leaving the park after a few post-game beers and killing somebody behind the wheel of his 7-series?

Florida Marlins ace Josh Johnson is having himself a fantastic start to the year.  His opponents' OPS is a mere .390, and he's twice gone no-hitter later than the fifth already.  Filthy, though the question remains of whether he can stay healthy.

Pittsburgh Steeler Rashard Mendenhall is going Tin-Foil Hatter in questioning the true story behind the World Trade Center, and asking how people can celebrate bin Laden's death when they have "only heard one side".  Horrible timing, Mendenhall.  Like a fumble near the goalline terrible timing.  He has since apologized for the Tweets.  Well, that takes care of that!

Doug Flutie's daughter Alexa, who we're pretty sure is taller than dad, is now a New England Patriots cheerleader.  Dad must be so proud.

The good news for the Chicago Cubs: Alfonso Soriano has a major league leading 11 home runs. The bad news: so do the rest of his teammates...combined.

Could it get ugly in New York for the media and fans with respect to Derek Jeter Sure seems so, says the New York Daily News, and the 56% in the poll who say Jeter is too old and slow to turn his season around and be a contributor to the Yankees.

Didn't manage to get this in yesterday thanks to an out of town work run, but check out Boston Bruin Adam McQuaid missing with a hit on Philly Flyer Michael Richards, and going head first into the boards.  Funnier still: there was pushing and shoving post-whistle, as though the Flyers somehow did something to him.

A cheesy grilled cheese tower, on Epic Meal Time.


DeKev said...

I think the pushing & shoving was more for the 2-hander that Versteeg put on the goalie right when the whistle went vs the always humorous miss-hit.

bukkake said...

Flutie's daughter looks like a chipmunk.


TB said...

Didn't think it hit the goalie, DeKev, but I'll take your word for it.

Had to know Bukkake would weigh in on Flutie's girl.

DeKev said...

Agreed - hard to tell from that angle, but any time someone does the lumberjack swing near the goalie, it'll amount to some pushing & shoving. Didn't happen quick enough to seem to be the result of the miss-hit.

gbvh said...

Yeah I never buy that He Didn't Win The Big One Therefore He's Not That Great argument.

It could fly slightly (slightly) in a sport like basketball, where one guy makes such a huge impact. But sports like hockey, baseball, football, hockey etc. ... way to much "team" involved to judge someone like that.

gbvh said...

should read: hockey, baseball, football, soccer etc.