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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flyers clipped again

Another roadie wins in NHL playoff play last night as the Boston Bruins downed Philadelphia to take a 2-0 lead heading back to Beantown. Tim Thomas is looking fantastic in goal for the Bruins. Clearly, last season was a aberration.

Real Madrid will be at Barcelona today down 2-0 on aggregate, and minus Sergio Ramos on suspension. They've got quite the hole to climb out of and while manager Jose Mourinho is calling a big win in Barcelona an impossible task, I don't imagine Real lays back and makes it easy on them. Hopefully it isn't as ugly as last week's encounter in Madrid. The winner will advance to the Champions League final on May 28th in London.

I cannot say I care an ounce how Canada does in the second rate World Championships of Hockey. Sure I'd love the home guys to win, but calling that thing a true World Championship is a massive stretch with so many of the best tied up in NHL playoff runs.

The LA Lakers are not going to make this year's playoff run - Phil Jackson's last - a smooth one, not if they're going to drop openers to the Dallas Mavs in the second round.  I'm sure Kobe Bryant isn't at all irate over that one.  The Chicago Bulls also dropped their opener at home to the Atlanta Hawks and saw point guard Derrick Rose badly twist an ankle with eight meaningless seconds to go.

Speaking of the Hawks, have to love that they left tickets for Jameer Nelson of the Orlando Magic, who they bounced from the playoffs of course.  Even better is that Nelson was overheard telling Derrick Rose a few weeks ago they'd be seeing each other in the second round.  Awesome.

Short one today.  Work.

1 comment:

gary said...

So the Lightning and Bruins both hold serve by winning on the road. Goal now has to be a split back at home.

I've lost a little interest in the playoffs with my team being nixed, but I am loving the Eastern Conference semi outcomes so far :)