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Friday, May 6, 2011

A late Friday beats no Friday edition

With most of the NHL's series at the brink of conclusion, or concluded already, please tell me they're not going to hold off until next weekend or something to get the conference finals on the go, are they?  Nothing worse than a momentum killing four or five days off, other than hockey in June when it just might actually be warm and sunny in Canada by then.

I've long been in favor of adding more wild-card teams for baseball's playoffs to keep more teams in the mix, and alleviate the "Yankees and Sox Problem" that is in the AL East, and you could argue the NL East as well, and it looks like it will actually happen for next year. Here's a look at what the format might look like, along with potential impact.  Joel Sherman at the New York Post says the wild card teams should play best of three, and not a single game knockout.  Agreed, especially when you hear the next team after the Wild Card in the AL, for example, has trailed between five and eight games in each of the last five seasons.  Not all players are in love with the expanded playoffs idea, most notably Mark Texeira, and most nuclearly, Tim Lincecum who dropped this great quote: "Nobody wants to have to worry, 'Oh [expletive], now I've got another [expletive] team in the [expletive] mix. Now we have to worry about what that takes and what they're going to do.' What if the [second] wild-card team is not deserving of getting in?"  That said, I would have preferred they go back to a single table set-up and balance the schedule to truly make things fair, but that looks like a pipe dream.

New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez hasn't won a Gold Glove since 2003, but he's made only 7 errors since start of 2010 (148 games). None this season, which, of course, means he's got one coming tonight.

Two teams in the running to move to Toronto: Jacksonville Jags, and the New Orleans Saints, which would be criminal.

After wasting year's and millions on the pursuit of Barry Bonds to convict him for steroid usage and lying about it, the U.S. government has actually decided to redeem itself by righting a more offensive wrong: why there is no playoffs in NCAA football.

If you know me at all, you know I'm a fan of the t-shirt, particularly funny ones.  Here are thirty that might be objectionable to some.

Back tomorrow, and I'll save the Maxim Hot 100 discussion for Monday when more are typically on.

This is one way to remind your Montreal Canadiens loving boss that your Boston Bruins bounced them from the playoffs.  The culprit is Kelly Park, son of former Bruin Brad ParkMore on the prank here.

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