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Monday, May 2, 2011

What a surreal night it was last night.  In the middle of the Philadelphia Phillies hosting the New York Mets on Sunday Night Baseball, you could tells something was going on in the crowd from the buzz and all the Blackberries and iPhones out and a sudden chant of "USA" errupting.  Jump to Twitter and it was there for all to see, word was that the U.S. had finally tracked down Osama Bin Laden...with a bullet to the head.  

I now know what Georges St. Pierre meant when he said "don't blink" at the pre-fight weight-in for his title match with Jake Shields in front of over 55,000 at a rocking Rogers Centre (and when was the last time you could say that?).  GSZzzzzzzz ground out another snoozer of a win that was effective, but not overly entertaining, especially when it followed an incredibly gutsy performance from Mark Hominick in his decision loss to Jose AldoHominick had a ridiculous lump - Hasim Rahman style (above at right) - on his skull (below at right), bought fought through and dominated the final round, even looking like he might win it. Overall, a fantastic card and event in Toronto, hurt only by a dull main event.  Maybe we get Anderson Silva and GSP on January 1st in Toronto?

Two calendar months ago, Chelsea was 15 points behind Manchester United.  After yesterday's 1-0 loss at Arsenal, United's lead is now down to three points with the two playing in Manchester this coming Sunday in a game that should decide the championship with just three games left to play.

The Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox are behind the Cleveland Indians by 10 games in the AL Central.  The Tribe are an MLB best 19-8.

The Tampa Bay Lightning took their second game in Washington to open up that series against the top seeded Caps, who are shooting plenty, but scoring little, by a 3-2 overtime score.  Also yesterday, the San Jose Sharks - who are getting that "destiny" look about them - downed the Detroit Red Wings 2-1 to lead that series 2-0.  Didn't figure on the Boston Bruins hammering the Philadelphia Flyers 7-3 in their series opener on Saturday.  The other series sits at 1-1 after the Nashville Preds downed the Vancouver Canucks 2-1 in overtime.

Boston Celtics: don't let me down like that again.  Beat the Heat.

Going back to August of last year, New York Yankee Derek Jeter is now at 310 at-bats since his last home run. Jeter's and the Yankees took two of three from the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend.  After watching Kyle Drabek's start on Saturday, and wondering for a time why a pitcher wears #4, it came clear: 38 balls in 78 pitches.

Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby hasn't played since January, and had a set-back that has him fearing he won't be ready for the start of the next NHL season.  That is real, real bad news for the NHLBruce Arthur at the National Post might want to update this piece he wrote after Crosby had been out two months on how afraid the NHL should be.

It is election day in Canada today and remember: if you don't vote, don't bitch.

The perils of pissing in a Boston washroom while wearing a Montreal Canadiens shirt.

John Cena, WWE champion, let the crowd know after a pay-per-view win last night that Osama bin Laden had been caught and "compromised to a permanent end".

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