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Friday, October 1, 2010

LeBron gets further deluded

LeBron James continues to show why one should stay in school.  His latest brain wave is to say that he thinks the way he's been treated since his ludicrous "The Decision" production is coloured by race because "it's always, you know, a race factor".  That may be a part of it, but why can't you just accept you're a prick and move on, 'bron?  That's far and away the biggest part in this.

Three time Tour de France winner, including 2010, Alberto Contador says a failed drug test that showed he had an aerobic stimulant and muscle builder in his system was the result of eating some bad meat.  Cannot believe the odds that a cyclist, who could use the aid of enhanced aerobic capacity and muscle repair and growth, ends up eating meat that aids in that.  What a crazy world.  Credit to Contador for at least coming up with a creative reason.

Big weekend in San Francisco with the NL West title up for grabs.  The Giants need just one win over second place San Diego to wrap up the division.  The AL East also remains up for grabs but will likely go to Tampa Bay despite their being tied with the New York Yankees going into the weekend.  Tampa gets the tiebreak thanks to winning the season series, and with an easier matchup in Kansas City - versus the Yanks at Boston - seems the Rays division unless something nutty happens.

Washington Capitals and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis says he expects a hard cap in the NBA to come in place of the soft one they've got now because, he says, it has worked so well for the NHL.  He also added some unintentional comedy in adding that when the NHL season starts, "everyone thinks their team can compete for the Stanley Cup."  "Everyone"?  Really? 

Perhaps the funniest thing I've seen in some time.  Check out Tracy McGrady's all too authentic home jersey for 2010/11.  Freaking incredible.

Lovely ladies rocking bodypaint of their fav football teams.  Enough said.  And while we're at it, the 50 hottest cheerleaders of the 2010 season.

Dallas Cowboy Jay Ratliff had a hell of a game last week at Houston. Not bad for a guy whose grandparents died in a house fire just days before the game.  Brutal story.

DirecTV has an NFL "Shortcuts" program where you can see every play in an NFL game in half an hour. And somehow, "every play" takes three plus hours to get in when the real thing is happening.

Think New Orleans Saint Drew Brees is competitive?  Check out this feature from 60 Minutes last week, followed by an outtake.  Love Brees.  Head's up that the first one is 13 minutes and change, but worth a watch.


Kristian A said...

Not at all surprised that Condator's been caught. Was linked to the operation Puerto and been managed by Bryunel, who's just about only cyclist he's coach not caught has been Armstrong (and not lacking in allegation's against him either). Too bad the amount's so small he might not receive a ban...

Kristian A said...

That T-Mac pic is fantastic!