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Thursday, September 30, 2010

What is better than Chad Ochocinco having his own cereal, with a number included to make a charitable donation?  The number for the charity being misprinted and ending up a phone sex line.  Awesome.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't remember Cito Gaston getting a great big sendoff from the Toronto Blue Jays the previous times he's left.  Has he done something great recently that would warrant that treatment last night, or is this just another example of how low the Jays have set the bar and how they continue to live in 1992 and 1993?  Wasn't he the guy the players revolted against last year as the season wound down?  And nice use of Green Day's "Time of Your Life" as the background music for one video presentation.  Very fresh.

Manchester United played mostly uninspired yesterday at Spanish leaders Valencia in Champions League play yesterday but were bailed out by a beauty from Chicarito in the dying minutes to salvage a 1-0 win. Inter Milan were 4-0 winners against Werder Bremen. Also impressive were Tottenham who pounded FC Twente 4-1 in London.
Tiger Woods should have showed up to the Ryder Cup with a date.  I'm thinking Sasha Grey, perhaps.

Here's a peak at pro-wrestling stars of the 1980's and more recently, and what they look like today.  Fear not, we only used the living ones.

How good has Buck Showalter been as manager of the Baltimore Orioles?  He's been on the job since August 3rd, at which point, the Orioles had 32 wins.  Since then, they've got xxx.  He's also the first manager to take over in August and win more games than the team won the entire year to that point since 1900.  Going to be a real interesting American League East next year.

"He is in a crisis because of the perception that he is losing his team. We all know that especially in New York, once the media and the perception becomes a reality, you start fighting against it. And when you are fighting against something that is not necessarily real, you make it real. That is why he is in a crisis."   Source: Former New York Giant turned NFL analyst Tiki Barber.  Subject: Giants coach Tom Coughlin losing control of the team, we think.  Logic: Minimal.  Occasion: just ahead of being inducted into the Giants ring of honor.  Real classy, that Tiki, just not really, well, rational or logical, and barely English.  Wonder if Tiki thinks the same logic on perception applies to his treatment of women who have given birth to children of his?

Great Yogi Berra quote: "cut my pizza into four slices, I'm not hungry enough to eat six."

Check out this video montage of KC Chief Shaun Smith getting all up in a San Francisco 49ers nutsack.

Game 3 of the World Series might get a 7pm start this year, the earliest start in 23 years.  Wise move.  Now get the rest to start at that time and you've got something.

Check out this vid.  "The Baddest Man On The Planet" Mike Tyson is quickly turning into one of the funniest.  Amazing.


Anonymous said...

WS games at 7? Yes that would be good. that way the game might actually finish before midnight EST. it would be good too if they can keep the game on time and under 3 hrs. which is very doable - provided the teams do not have the initials NYY.

TB said...

You must only watch when the Yanks are in - which I can't blame you for - or you'd know better.

gbvh said...

"Time of Your Life" is always my cue to switch stations or channels.