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Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend wrap...

Gotta love the signs floated by Toronto FC supporters on Saturday, bashing the owners of the club and of course, the Maple Leafs and Raptors.  Most impressive is that Leafs and Raptors fans have quietly endured garbage for far longer.

Panic in New York?  The Yankees were planning to use Dustin Moseley to start the game and push Phil Hughes back a few days to rest him some, but after four straight home losses and the Boston Red Sox opening the door a crack in the Wild Card race, manager Joe Girardi, who overmanages at the best of times, turned course and started Hughes last night.  Turned out to be a wise one as Hughes was fantastic over 8 innings, only giving up a run and three hits.  Still the Yanks would need some late inning heroics from A-Rod, hitting his 29th homer in a two run shot to give them a 3-2 lead.  Ballgame?  Nope.  Mariano Rivera blew it and the Yanks won it in the 10th.  Rivera has now thrown 5.2 innings, giving up 9 hits and 6 earned runs and three blown saves since September 10th.  Not what the Yanks want to see heading to October.

The Toronto Blue Jays are holding a "Thank You Cito" night on Wednesday, their last home game.  Not sure for what exactly, but the first 35,000 fans will get a commemorative ticket and lanyard.  35,000?  Clearly, the promotion will continue into the home opener next year.

Not surprisingly, the Tampa Bay Bucs were exposed by the Pittsburgh Steelers and as a result, are no longer among the undefeated after a 38-13 beatdown.  For a team lacking their starting QB in Ben Roethlesberger, the Steelers have still managed to shoot out of the gate 3-0 with two road wins in the bunch.

Speaking of fraudulent undefeated teams, look for the Kansas City Chiefs to lose before long.  The teams they've beat to move to 3-0 are a combined 1-8.

The Dallas Cowboys were backed into a corner and came out of it showing the form many had predicted they would this year in a 27-13 win over the Houston Texans. Funny what happens when you commit to running the ball and clean up the mistakes (read: penalties and bad play calls).  Credit where due: Roy Williams is having a strong start to the season, adding two touchdowns yesterday.  Speaking of pre-season contenders, the Minnesota Vikings got off the schneid yesterday with a 24-10 win over the Detroit Lions.  They weren't exactly mistake free, as the OHB tossed another couple of INT's.

The Toronto Argos played a home game in Moncton, NB yesterday.  Not sure anybody in Toronto noticed.

Check out this tweet from Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feely:  "The broadcast is dead on with the fake injury thing. Jets often tell a guy on Kickoff to fake an injury to give the Def a breather."  I'm sure there are a lot of football - North American style - with their heads firmly buried in the sand that such a thing could occur in the "man's game".

The English Premier League season is barely a month old, and despite Chelsea's smoking start and big talk, there's a long way to go, especially after Manchester City took them down on Saturday for their first loss of the year.  Manchester United had a chance to narrow the gap at the top to a point but blew it, drawing 2-2 with Bolton.  Funny things happen to teams when another week of Champions League play is about to get started.

In the middle of a scandal that says he's paid some big bucks for prostitutes, the LA Galaxies David Beckham had a fan crack him about it while walking off the field.  Beck's turned around and challenged the fan to say it to his face, and bashed him for wearing a Galaxy jersey.  Gotta say, I'm impressed.  See the video here.

If you're a team's captain, regardless of sport, probably the least captain-like thing you can do in a must-win game that your team is losing is to turn a goal/run/basket/whatever celebration into a "me" time and mime a cheque signing because you want to be paid more.  And to make it worse, then talk about how you deserve more post-game.  But that's exactly what Toronto FC's alleged leader Dwayne De Rosario did on Saturday.  Idiot.  Not only should TFC not be giving him a raise into the Designated Player category - not to a 32-year old - they should look to ship him out of town.  I get he's sour that there are guys making more money, but a captain doesn't ever take something like that public.

You didn't think I'd forget to do a Prime Time Pick did you?  After last night's comfortable win, we're 4-2 on the season.  Tonight, playing the Green Bay Packers at -3.  Liking the over as well as both can put up some big points, but I tend to stay away from over/under plays in this corner.

Have a great Monday.

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gbvh said...

I could put up with DeRo's "gesture."
He's three times the contributor that other De is.
But that he went so far as to post that I-want-more-money article link on his twitter site ... well, that's kinda pathetic.

P.S. and fuck ML$E.