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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Looking for some sporting action to carry you through until NFL kickoff?  Manchester United hosts Bolton at 7AM in what should be a beatdown on Setanta.  If you've got The Score, AC Milan face Genoa in Serie A action.

Biggest NFL game of the day has to be the Dallas Cowboys fighting for their season in Houston today.  0-3 and you can bet Dallas is done, regardless of whether that means Wade Phillips gets fired over the bye.

With two catches today against the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Raven Anquan Boldin will be the fastest player to reach 600 receptions, doing it in 98 games.

The Prime Time Picks raced out to a 3-0 start before dropping both ends of the Week 2 action.  Up tonight, we're playing the New York Jets at +1.  Don't exactly love that one, however.

I'm sure there are many shedding tears upon hearing the news that Jose Canseco is begging for some free legal work after being evicted from his home after not paying rent for two months.  Didn't that guy make millions playing ball?  Presumably he did okay on his books?  How the hell is he broke?

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig says the idea of expanding the playoffs is something that will be looked at this winter.  Whenever you're ready, Allan Huber.

The Tampa Bay Rays are already talking about cutting $25 million from their payroll next year.  Fortunately for them, they've got loads of young talent that is ready for Prime Time, but still, got to be sad for their fan base.  That said, despite their successes of the last three years, their attendance has only increased by 800 per game since 2008. 

For those planning on hitting an NFL game this season, the Sports Pickle offers up 10 tailgating tips.


BronxBomber said...

Not sure if you guys could see this (might require forum registration) but they brought a tear to my eye:

TB said...

Those are f'n awesome.

gbvh said...

^ Great stuff.
The Star mentioned it in their story about the game.