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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bears go to 3-0

Didn't think that one-time offensive guru Mike Martz had it in him, but he's managed to turn the Chicago Bears offence around enough that they're now 3-0.  Sure, they were aided by a garbage, but accurate, call against Detroit, and a self-defeating Dallas team, but they were very much deserving of the win last night at home to Green Bay.

Tampa Bay Rays star pitcher David Price banged out his tweet last night: "Had a chance to clinch a post season spot tonight with about 10,000 fans in the stands....embarrassing."  Evan Longoria also called it embarrassing. So, for those that think players are fine with apathy and empty seats, think again.  But maybe it is just a Tampa thing?  After all, the Bucs are looking at a full-season of no sellouts and locally blacked out games.  And if those two can't sell tickets, the Lightning have to be sweating bullets.

Only the Buffalo Bills spend an entire off-season getting a guy ready to be starting quarterback - namely, Trent Edwards - start him the first two games, and then cut him after Week 3.  At least the Philadelphia Eagles have left Kevin Kolb on the bench.  And speaking of the 2007 QB Draft Class, not exactly a great output thus far from JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Edwards and Kolb.

For the second straight week, Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Shaun Smith has been accused of fondling an opponents genitals. Classy.

Asks an emailer to The Jim Rome Show: "is 'Jose Bautista' Spanish for 'Brady Anderson'?". Ouch.

Champions League action resumes this week with eight games today and eight tomorrow. The big one today is a depleted Arsenal - and can we just call them Depleted Arsenal going forward, for how often they're missing injured players? - visiting Partizan Belgrade Chelsea are minus a suspended Didier Drogba, and injured Frank Lampard and Solomon Kalou for their home date with Marseille.

New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez ranks 19th all-time in RBI with 1822 -- but with 39 more RBI, he'll move up to 11th all-time and pass Mel OttJoel Sherman at the NY Post has a section in this article that talks of how ridiculously clutch A-Rod has become and how he's "the hitter the Yanks want up in a big spot more than anyone else – by a lot."  Adds River Ave. Blues: "A-Rod has been the team’s greatest player since the moment he first put on the uniform in 2004. Even at 35-years-old, he’s a force at the plate and far-and-away the guy every Yankee fan wants to see at the plate in a big spot. How times have changed. It seems foolish to laud a player when he figures to be around for so many more years, but Alex is no ordinary player. He’s an all-time great Yankee, and deserves to be recognized as such."  My how things have changed.

If the Boston Red Sox are to force a playoff with the New York Yankees, Boston must win at least 5 of last 7, and if that happened, the Yankees would have to go 0-6.  Good news for the Yankees: they're at 93 wins with AJ Burnett sitting at 15 losses after his infuriating "performance" last night.  If he cuts that to 12 next year, they're going to be that much better.  Oh, and if I haven't reminded you recently, Cliff Lee will be joining the starting staff, too.

Everybody's moral compass Tony Dungy says that the New York Jets were too soft on Braylon Edwards.  That may be the case, but why does he feel the need to play God and judge every situation and everybody?

Indianapolis Colts GM Bill Polian says an 18-game NFL season is a done deal.

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Tony Dungy is the Rev. Jesse Jackson of the NFL.