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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

These unis change...nothing.

Holland made easy work of Denmark with a 2-0 win to open their World Cup run. Very impressed with the play of Eljero Elia off the bench for Holland. Japan were 1-0 winners over Cameroon in what could go down as one of the dullest games in history, and Italy and Paraguay played to a 1-1 draw, a bit of an escape for Italy after a terrible goal given up by Paraguay.  Thought Italian Pepe was fantastic there, though the ghost of Fabio Cannavaro wasn't so impressive.  Somehow I managed to stay off the grid for 5 hours after that one finished without finding out the score before I hit play on the PVR. Not easy staying off Twitter, ESPN et al for that long. Oh, and Memo to Gigi Buffon: nice tights. Grow a pair.

Some like to believe a World Cup doesn't get under way until Brazil gets in on the action, and they'll do that today at 2:30 with an easy win over North Korea. The intriguing match of the day is the 10am showdown between Ivory Coast, and an uncharacteristically under the radar Portugal. The silence around the name of Cristiano Ronaldo in the run up to the tourney has been stunning, frankly. This is a huge game for both as the winner will likely advance, albeit as most likely a second place finisher with a quarter-final date with Spain the "reward".

If I see another player shoot from distance and it goes 15' over the net, I'm finally going to buy this "ball sucks" business. Awful shooting to date, and surely that explains why they're on a record low scoring pace through four days.  That said, the scoring may be low, but the goalkeeping has been largely horrible.

So all this talk of the Toronto Maple Leafs launching new unis and they come out with a whole lot of nothing new.  Yay, they put stripes back on to lose the practice jersey look and the retro shoulder patches.  Yawn.  But Dion Phaneuf is captain, so there is that.

The Philadelphia Phillies have the third worst interleague record in the majors when you add up the previous three years. Not something you'd guess, no?

If you're old enough, you might recall the vuvuzela was a fixture at Toronto Argo games years back. You know, when the Argos drew a crowd.

Why are there so many Serbian flags flying on pizza delivery vehicles?

The U.S. vs. England game Saturday afternoon drew a huge 2.25 million viewers in Canada, and 17 million south of the border, where it topped all of the first four games of the NBA finals.  Not bad for a Saturday afternoon.

If Vince Young of the Tennessee Titans is suspended for his act in a Dallas strip joint this weekend, that would set up an interesting angle to the Titans Week 2 matchup vs. Pittsburgh, wouldn't it? Two QB's under suspension for violations of the Personal Conduct Policy.


bukkake said...

Dion Phaneuf is a douchebag.

What a perfect fit as Leafs captain.

bukkake said...

and not to pile on here, but fuck me if Phil Kessel doesn't look like someones fat, special needs kid looking for an autograph in that picture...

"D-D-D-Dion... c-c-c-could you sign mine jewsey fow me?"

BronxBomber said...

world cup rape continues. Down 800 before 5pm and the tourney has been boring thus far.

Bring on the second round.

gbvh said...

^ I'm tanking too.
Love Chile tomorrow ... but after the brutal start ... who am I to say?

And, yep, brutal tourney so far.

The whole "three points for a win" thing shouldn't be the case for these short tournaments. Teams appear to be entering Game 1 playing as though they're scared shitless of losing. If your foe gets three, you're in deep shit.

BronxBomber said...

Seriously I'm in bed by 2, set the alarm for 7:27, and I watch usually 2 brutal games and 1 decent game. All the while losing more money than people who invested in BP. Since this tourney has started it's like getting fucked by a tranny yet everyday I wake up and do it again. when will I learn.

I like Chile too. Yet my mind says draw. Bah I know I'm betting chile. Also gotta hit spain hard. It's amazing, Slovenia had about 20 secs to kill and Brazil had 3 mins. 3mins and 20secs, cost me $600 alone.

I also agree, too many teams have been playing cautious. I've seen better games on the Rogers TV channel than that Japan/Cameroon game.

gbvh said...

^ agreed. that was easily the worst of the lot.
and not just caution-wise, but skill-wise.
can't believe how terrible cameroon was.

speaking of...kaka was god awful yesterday.

what do you mean by 20 seconds to kill for slovenia?

BronxBomber said...

sorry meant slovakia I always mix up the two LOL. was 20 secs away from cashing that ticket.