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Monday, June 14, 2010

Germany roll

The best World Cup performance of the opening weekend goes to Germany by a good margin, who ripped apart Australia in a 4-0 win yesterday that could've been far more than that.   The win evened Europe's ledger at the World Cup to a modest 2-2-2 with only Slovenia the other winner, also yesterday.  The other match yesterday saw Serbia a surprising 1-0 loser to the Black Stars of Ghana.  Incidentally, found out yesterday from my parents that I'm at least 1/16th Ghanian.

Tennessee Titans QB Vince Young has been more than happy to tell the world how much he's grown up since the death of Steve McNair.  And what says "grown up" more than popping a strip club goer in the mouth for dropping an upside down "hook 'em Horns" sign on VY?  He's been charged with assault, and with video (see below), hard pressed to figure how he walks.  That is one Horn that got hooked.

The Philadelphia Phillies record over their last 20 games: 6 wins, 14 losses, and they've been outscored 98-48.  Next stop is a World Series rematch in The Bronx, starting with Roy Halladay and CC Sabathia tomorrow night.

Not surprisingly, England goalie Robert Green has been dropped from the starting lineup after the howler he gave up on Saturday against the U.S.

Denmark's striker Niklas Bendtner says that he'll lead the World Cup in scoring.  No, seriously.  He also said he'd lead the English Premier League in scoring this year and we know how that turned out.  Fool.  Somebody should remind him he's Niklas Bendtner.

What do the Cincinnati Red, San Diego Padres and Tampa Bay Rays have in common?  All are in first place, all were at home yesterday, and all drew fewer than 26,000 fans.

After some talk yesterday that the vuvuzela would be banned from World Cup stadia, looks like it won't be happening after all.

Be sure to catch Chicago Black Hawk Patrick Kane's act during the Hawks parade, attended by an estimated 2 million Chicagoans.  Awesome stuff, PK.

The more I watch this video of Patrick Kane at the Chicago Black Hawks victory parade, the more I like him.

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BigHeadedJerk said...

That makes this video of the blackhawks, obviously later in the celebrations, even funnier. Versteeg rapping, and then the cut at 0:19 seconds to Kane who is about to spew....

BigHeadedJerk said...

hi said...

Now I know 2.06 Ghanaians.

Kristian A said...

Got to go for Ivory Coast instead of Portugal tomorrow, or a draw. I'll call it a draw. Got the rest the same though. Chile, Spain and Uruguay the following day, as I don't want to follow suit every day.