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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Business is pickin' up!

So, is Switzerland beating Spain upset enough for you?  Spain totally dominated, and when Spanish defender Carlos Puyol did his best Jose Calderon impression, the Swiss suddenly found themselves leading a game where they were utterly dominated in every aspect, except for time spent dropping men back into their own end.  Word is they called their game plan "Montreal Canadiens 2010".  Weird.  Should Spain end up advancing in second in their group, that would all but ensure a round of 16 date with Brazil, or as I would call it "my bracket final selection gone up in smoke".  If you haven't heard, no team has ever lost its opening World Cup game and gone on to win the trophy.  The late game yesterday saw Uruguay deliver what should amount to the end of South Africa's squad with a 3-0 win, including a killer goal from Diego ForlanChile opened the day with an impressive performance in downing Chile 1-0.

Your Culturally Insensitive World Cup Goal Roundup For June 16.  Not sure about you, but I love these.

Game 7 of the NBA Final goes tonight in L.A.  Has to be more entertaining than the drab game six, no?  Have to like the Lakers to win it.

Best idea I've heard to replace the entirely lame "winner of the all-star game gets World Series home field": have the league that wins more interleague games get home field.  At least those are real competitive games.

Not sure how I missed the ESPN Outside the Lines piece on NBAer Winston Bennett, who claimed to have often slept with three or four women in a single day, sometimes 90+ a month.  Not mentioned: how many kids he sired.

Speaking of offspring, word from porn star Devon James says that her 9-year old son was fathered by Tiger Woods.

It won't be long until an 18-game NFL season happens, reducing the pre-season from four game to two.  Great idea in an era players are working out year-round and have team activities almost the entire off-season.  Tom Brady and Ray Lewis are concerned what the health impact will be to players.  Not sure why Brady would voice an opinion, quarterbacks may as well play in bubble wrap for all the hits they're allowed to take these days.

Speaking of Tom Brady, check him out getting his Justin Bieber on.  Wow.

Off the sporting board for a second to find out that scientists are doing research on the genetic code of one Ozzy Osbourne to determine how it is he has survived so many years of hard living.

Slovenian midfielder Andrej Komac is guaranteeing his team beat the U.S. tomorrow morningU.S. goalie Tim Howard responded by largely laughing it off.  Personally, I hope the U.S. throttle them.  Not sure why any Slovenian player is getting high and mighty after beating Algeria or qualifying through a weak group.  Stay in your lane, minnow.

Get yourself to a TV now, the Argentina and South Korea game is something else.  "Business is picking up!", as good 'ol J.R. would say.


Kristian A said...

FINALLY!, Mexico puts Hernandez on the pitch and they score. Got them far in the World Cup, because of him, so angers me when he's been riding the pine.

Kristian A said...

Picks for tomorrow is USA, England and Germany. Thinking tie on the last game, but after 0-3 today, I'll pass...

gbvh said...

I had Mex as a nice dog.
France hasn't even shown up.
There's gotta be some serious dissension on that squad.

And how about that Greek fuck not getting a yellow for the acting job? Ergh.