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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ballistic Backman

Let me make one thing clear on Cristiano Ronaldo: I think the world of his talent and few can match his power, speed, size and ability to score from any angle.  But the diving act blights what should be the best player on the game, which at acknowledge at the moment he is not.  Don't get me wrong, he gets beat up more than any player out there and at times, it doesn't take much to knock a guy down in full flight, but when you're ripped head to toe like he is - and doesn't mind showing the world - you shouldn't go down as readily as he does.  CR7 was mostly invisible yesterday, much like his Portugal team were as they desperately tried to avoid a loss to a far more dynamic Ivory Coast yesterday in a game that ended a scoreless draw.  The negative tactics are becoming a sad theme of the first stage of the World Cup, with North Korea also trying to avoid embarrassment to Brazil and finishing a respectable - on the scoreboard anyways - 2-1 losers to Brazil.  The early game yesterday saw New Zealand pull a shocking equalizer in the dying seconds to draw Slovakia.

Up today, Honduras and Chile were the early game and Chile were 1-0 winners in a mostly good game.  Spain finally get into the action at 10am when they face Switzerland.  I won't curse them by predicting they show their full form as clearly, an unwilling opponent with a questionable ball can conspire to kill a game.  Uruguay faces South Africa in their second group A matchup.

The suspension of the University of Waterloo football team for the entire season is interesting on a variety of levels. One, why is an entire team suspended if only a small segment were caught on the gas?  Two, I don't believe for a second only UW were using roids because I know guys that went to programs at Laurier and Mac over the years that have told me different, including themselves being among the users. Three, if Waterloo was the only school using, you can take away the "performance enhancing" idea, no?

Bud Selig and the powers that be in baseball must just soil themselves when it is interleague play and it starts raining.

Roy Halladay got a reminder last night of what it is like to face a top offence and not the lightweights of the National League. 3 homers given up, tying a career worst. Welcome back to Yankee Stadium, Leroy. The Yanks pounded Philly 8-3 in a World Series rematch.

Thru yesterday's play, there were only 23 goals scored in first 14 World Cup games, the lowest by far of any 32-team World Cup.  At the more ideal end, the last three after 14 games saw 34 goals in 1998, 39 in 2002, and 31 in 2006.  Funny thing is that most soccer fans I've talked to can admit when it has been less than stellar, unlike fans in other sports that take it as an attack on their family when someone suggests their game is shit at the times.  I'm looking at you, Hockey Fan.

But, to make up for things, I present to you porn stars body painted in World Cup colours.  There, feel better?

That not good enough?  Okay, how about a guide to naked WAG's?  For the life of me, I can't figure how Shaun Wright-Phillips, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Peter Crouch pull that kind of talent.

The vuvuzela is on Twitter.  People come up with some funny stuff.  Check this out.

Your Culturally Insensitive World Cup Goal Roundup For June 15th.  Cannot help but laugh.

Former MLBer Wally Backman is now managing in the minor leagues and was recently mic'd up for a game. Well, he was thrown out of a game and unloaded a terrific rant. Definitely have your headphones plugged in if at the office for this.  Warning: THIS.  IS.  AWESOME.


gbvh said...

I think a few of the guys nailed at Waterloo were in their mid-20s, too.
Dudes. Get. A. Life.

I know out west they play university football until they're 45, but here -- move on, men.

gbvh said...

That vis is awesome.

"You've had a horseshit zone all day!"

Kristian A said...

Were they suspended? By OUA/CIS? Thought it was the UW itself that suspended their program. Good on them to show the athletes that they won't tolerate it. If suspended by OUA as well, they need to look into the problem as it's pretty likely as you said athletes at other schools are using PED's as well.

Calling tomorrows games:

All three of them ties!

I'll post my score for round one after the Spain game.

hi said...

Word around campus is that our football team...isn't cared by anyone.

Spain allowed a goal and is now losing :o

hi said...

Tomorrow's matches:
Tie between France and Mexico
Win for South Korea against Argentina =D
Tie between Greece and Nigeria

hi said...

And the Swiss win. I hate those assholes.

I feel bad for Chile. They are no doubt a better side compared to Switzerland and should have had no trouble advancing, but Spain had to fck it up obviously.

CBC commentary is making this World Cup experience a lot more worse than it should be.

TB said...

GBVH, loved Backman saying none of the players were to pick up the balls/bats he chucked...and the warning to the catcher to move.

Kristian, I get that they want clean athletes, but you can't punish 78 guys for 9 guys misbehavior in my book. There's one guy at Argos camp that is on the bubble. If he gets cut and goes back, he's got nowhere to play and at the moment, cannot transfer without sitting out the year. That's bullshit. you go to UW?

Swiss stun Spain. Cannot believe it. This WC is unpredictable as shit so far. Definitely one of the more riveting games, but Spain undid themselves by insisting on lobbing weak crosses into traffic that the (bigger) Swiss just cleaned up more often than not.

hi said...

"do I go to UW?"

Yea, I thought you knew that haha. I just finished my second year studying actuary.

BronxBomber said...

World Cup rape continues for me. down $650 before noon.

Entertaining game though

BronxBomber said...

Did Pinny give you +150 on Chile??? Fuck I gotta switch accounts. Seen it at -180 some time ago and clocked in at -150.

Kristian A said...

I get that argument but find it more important that the school shows it takes it seriously. If playing it would just be speculations around every game. The UW program is tainted after this and unfortunately for the clean players got to do something about that.

barely on the plus side for me, 7-6 after the first round. Missed the 3 games last Saturday, though should have had a 3-0 day then.

gbvh said...

Pinny had Chile at -151 this morning.
Prior to the tournament, they
were -172 and up.

gbvh said...

CIS just announced Waterloo players are allowed to transfer and participate immediately.

Kristian A said...

Now, THAT is soccer! Didn't see CHile but heard they looked very well, Spain lost but still some good play and Uruguay's play was just beautiful. Did any of the Uruguay players touch the ball more than three times before they passed it on? hardly never.

S. Training said...

I doubt that any of the players became "instantly" bulked-up. Steroids accelerate muscle growth, but only in proportion to a regular workout routine. Athletes in other sports have similarly escaped detection (think football). Disappointing to hear of this. If all University teams could play without the use of steroids, that would mean even competition and would be fair.