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Friday, June 18, 2010

Argentina still lack discipline defending, and took a few unneeded yellow cards which could hurt them later in the tournament if players end up suspended, but man are they fun to watch.  They took apart a solid South Korea side yesterday by a 4-1 score, with Gonzalo Higuain putting home a hat trick in the second half.  Match of the tourney?  France, nice knowing you.  You may still be alive mathematically, but you're done.  Mexico were 2-0 winners over Nigeria

Oh, and this morning, Serbia stunned Germany with a 1-0 win.  Did not see that coming.

Argentina and Brazil were the first to arrive in South Africa, well ahead of their competition, and Germany's Bundesliga used the Jabulani ball for the entire season, familiarizing players with it moreso than the competition who have had it a month or so.

Spanish goalie Iker Cassilas girlfriend, in addition to being hot, is a sideline reporter who is taking some heat for being a distraction for Spain's upset loss to Switzerland. Fortunately for her, she got to grill her boyfriend on live TV for his cock-up.

Golfer Steve Elkington, who could have a hell of a side gig as a comic, told The Jim Rome Show that "Tiger's gonna be in the muff."   Presumably Elk meant at Pebble Beach and the U.S. Open.

Oh, love the people bitching about Germany getting the Adidas developed ball ahead of everyone.  German company, people, and they had to test it somewhere in actual play, and more than a few of you didn't mind the lame "own the podium" tactics Canada employed in the Olympic run-up earlier this year I'm sure, so why wouldn't a German company want a team that sports their gear and traditionally has to have a slight advantage?  You don't think Umbro would do the same for EnglandNike for the U.S.?

Why Cliff Lee will be a New York Yankee next year: he is a long time friend and Arkansas buddy with AJ Burnett, and shares an agent with CC Sabathia.  Oh, and wants a giant deal.  With the Yankees.

Tweets Jim Rome on Albert Haynesworth's hold out: "London Fletcher on Albert Haynesworth: 'Albert made a very selfish decision.' Translation: We hate him. Who does he think he is? Number 4?"

Somebody request hot world cup fans? Paraguay, Denmark and Netherlands, come and get it.

Full disclosure, I had pegged Germany and USA as winners.  Somebody let me know the lines so I can see what sub. 500 looks like.


BigHeadedJerk said...

Who would Lee replace in the rotation? And no mention of the Halak trade?

TB said...

Sorry, wrote most yesterday pre-trade and added a few bits in a hurry this AM.

I'm shocked they didn't get more, frankly, but I think they kept the higher upside guy.

As for Lee, Vazquez is a free agent after this year, Pettitte is always year to year...they'll have a spot.

gbvh said...

USA wuz robbed!!!

BigHeadedJerk said...

Whoops, misread and thought you meant the Yanks would trade for Lee this year.

The trade was somewhat of a shock to me, but I knew one of the goalies would be moved eventually. The move makes some sense though. Halak is a unsigned RFA, and looking for a long term deal easily in excess of 5 mill a year. Price can be locked up now as well at a cheap rate, probably less than 3 mill per, is younger and has workhorse upside. Lars Eller gives us a security blanket at center if we cant re-sign Plekanec, and is a very good prospect who is NHL ready, and will be cheap for the next few years at least. So Suddenly Montreal has gone from a team that had their backs against the cap to a team with some money to spend. Frolov, trading the Kostitsyns for Penner, re-signing Pleks, Montreal has options now...

BigHeadedJerk said...

And Schultz is an interesting player too, with some comparing him to a young Byfuglien who fights...

TB said...

That, and some much needed size.

One of my Habs buddies was stressed they didn't get much but I mentioned the cap room is sometimes as good as getting a body, except you get to choose where and how you spend it. Value in that.

Kostitsyn's for Penner? Haven't heard that but the Oil are up against it too.

gbvh said...

That Slovenian goal dance shits me to no end.

BigHeadedJerk said...

It's a rumour that makes some sense, as Sergei and Sam Gagner are good friends and played together in London, and they need a change of scenery bad.

Can't wait to see what the next moves are, and agree that we gotta wait to see how the cap space is utilized before determining how we did in the trade.

There are also some concerns that Halak could be a difficult sign as his agent is basically the Boras of the hockey world...

hi said...

In case you may not have heard, the Lakers won the NBA Championship Mango =)

And Mexico defeated France, not Nigeria haha

Tomorrow's pick:
Tie between Ghana and Australia
Netherlands win
Denmark win

Kristian A said...

Going with Netherlands, Cameroon and Ghana. Big African day today!