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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Full credit to the U.S. for not playing scared against England even after Steven Gerrard opened the scoring in the fourth minute finishing off a beauty set up.  The U.S. pushed forward and while they scored a very lucky goal, were very much deserving of at least a point in this one.  Tim Howard was fantastic in the U.S. goal.

Argentina started like they'd score a half dozen but the goalkeeping of Nigeria's Vincent Enyeama saw to it they wouldn't, a Gabriel Heinze goal aside, and the further the game went, the more it looked like Nigeria would level the score but Argentina ended up 1-0 winners.  Great in attack, but very suspect defending for Argentina.  A better team will make them pay.

The upside for Greece is that they're used to getting bent over, so if Korea do them for a 2-0 win, the destruction Argentina foist upon them will only offer a slightly harsher feeling in the nether regions.  BOHICA, Greece.  The more Greece played yesterday, the more infuriated I was that my Croatian boys - better than those plugs on their worst day - are at home.

Ben Roethlesberger is still talking of how he's changed, but isn't swearing off booze going forward, which is fine.  I've always been in the camp that booze doesn't make you a prick, you being a prick makes you a prick.  Not sure why anybody would be surprised by that though, this is the guy who nearly died while not wearing a motorcycle helmet and nearly becoming a hood ornament and insisted he'll keep riding.  Now, if he were to swear off raping girls, then I'd be impressed but to date, no mention.

Nice knowing you, Chuck Lidell.  The Iceman got iced with five seconds left in the first round by an awesome Rich Franklin right hand.  Not bad for a guy who fought at least half the round with a broken arm after blocking a kick.  Cro Cop won by submission for what was a pretty dull card overall in Vancouver for UFC 115.

World Cup WAGs, because you can never have enough.

Off to catch Serbia and Ghana.  Enjoy!


hi said...

What's your beef with the Greeks Mango, show some sympathy haha. Good job with the pick though, I would have gone for the draw, although I had no idea Greece would play so poorly. They certaintly looked better in the friendlies prior to the World Cup.

Just realized you got the Slovenia-Algeria match correct as well. You, sir, are on a roll.

gbvh said...

Greece is not only terrible, they're boring as eff.

Three and out I hope.

Kristian A said...

Germany looking solid today, Slovenia, like crap, win or not.

Got same picks as you tomorrow. I'll try to be more original later on this week

hi said...

Is it ambitious to try waking up at 7:30 when your night ended around three hours prior? I kept falling asleep watching the matches. Actually slept through the entire Germany-Australia match, a game I was looking forward to.

I will take a Netherlands win, a Cameroon-Japan draw, and a Paraguay win.