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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Boston Bruins weren't content to blow a 3-0 series lead, they had to go and blow a 3-0 lead in game seven as well. Mix in a late too many men on the ice call - the 33rd of all teams combined this playoffs - and the Philadelphia Flyers scored to win 4-3 and move on to the next round where they'll have home ice advantage against the Montreal Canadiens. Not bad for two teams that waited til their 82nd game to qualify for the playoffs as the #7 and #8 seeds.

Check out the average numbers for American League DH's going into yesterday: .231 batting average, 4 home runs and a .699 OPS. Says one GM to Peter Gammons: "drug testing at work."

Most Slashing Penalties, Most Dives, and a whole lot more in the 2010 Alternative NHL Awards.

Ahh, the internet. It isn't enough that the Cleveland Cavaliers can lose a series, that LeBron James had a less than stellar series, or that he may be leaving Cleveland. But here's one - I'm gonna say "ridiculous" - theory as to why they lost: LeBron found out teammate Delonte West was tapping LeBron's mother. I will say ridiculous as there's no way that story didn't go mainstream if true, not with how many media members are watching LBJ's every move right now.

Don Cherry says he'd invest in the return of the Winnipeg Jets?  Finally, we have good reason to keep the team in Phoenix.  Sincerely, Don Cherry's Restaurants, and the Mississauga IceDogs.

Toronto FC are in LA tonight to face the Galaxy. Kickoff is 10:30pm Eastern and TFC looks to grab their first road points of the season and continue a fine run of form. They've had success at LA in the past, but a second game in 3 days across the continent seems a big ask.


gbvh said...

And it just makes one ask, again, what in the fuck is the point of that never-ending NHL regular season?

Besides to make money, of course . . .

BronxBomber said...

What a weird day gambling. I seen Chelsea hit the post 10 times, missed an empty net or 5 and 2 missed penalties. Had the over 2.5

Then I'm watching the Jays and after watching 49382882 runs last night it's 3-0 bottom of the 8th. Had the over 8.5

Seriously there must be a full moon out. Maybe my preakness picks will come through who knows.

gbvh said...

Take the Galaxy!!!!!

-- ducks --

BronxBomber said...

Glad I didn't lol.

Laying -225+ on any MLS team is a no go for me. I avoid those things and while I didn't catch the game I heard Frei pulled out some magic. What's new...the boy's going to Europe soon.

gbvh said...

I had them on the -1 -119 line.