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Friday, May 14, 2010

LeBron is Le-Gon

Man is that wager that LeBron James will skip town on Cleveland ever looking good after the Cavs were a second round flameout to the Boston Celtics thanks to a game six 94-85 loss. Does anybody think he'll stay?  There are some great hoops fans that read here daily and curious what they're figuring.

The Philadelphia Flyers are in Boston for game seven in their bruising series. The Flyers have won the last three games and Chris Pronger has turned back the clock. If they get decent goaltending again, they'll be hosting Montreal Sunday night. San Jose visits Chicago Sunday afternoon as that series gets under way.

ESPN The Magazine's May 3rd issue ran an article on whether playing fantasy sports for money is gambling and concluded that if the definition of gambling is "to put something of value at risk", fantasy has to be gambling. To pretend it is anything but gambling is laughable.

If the Boston Bruins should win tonight, it'll mark the 33rd time they've met in the playoffs, the most of any of the playoff matches in the NHL/NBA/NFL/MLB. The Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs are a distant second at 23.

Tough year to be a Hart Trophy or Vezina Trophy nominee in the NHL, and tougher still for at least one, if you check out the picture to the right.  All said nominees have been bounced for the playoffs with a couple rounds to go.

Mike Tyson is going vegan?  How long til somebody gets off an "ear of corn" joke?

The always quotable Chicago White Sox Manager - he of the no filter - Ozzie Guillen gets off this gem on Chicago's sports teams: “We all suck, all sports in Chicago are very bad…  we need something good and positive for the city.  We need the Blackhawks to eat some Sharks.” I'm sure his boss will be thrilled he just did his team like that.

How to silence a Habs fan?  Well, here are four solid ways.

Sometimes, you read a headline and it doesn't have any more significance than normal.  But there are other time's - like this - where the same headline takes on a whole new meaning, or is funny.  Or both.

Umm, what?

1 comment:

B. Kennedy said...

I don't know that LeBron is necessarily gone, but without having won a championship there is no pull stronger in Cleveland than any other market, basketball-wise for him. So from a basketball perspective, there's no reason whatsoever for him to remain in Cleveland. Unless he can be convinced that his team is really good and just the coach is the problem, but I doubt he really believes that and wants to stake the next five or six years of his career on that bet. What's happened is the worst possible situation for Cleveland: they've done everything they could for LeBron and the best it ever amounted to was a sweep in the Finals where they didn't even look like they belonged. So they can't warn LeBron, "You won't win in New York." "I don't recall winning here, either."

Nike pulled his contractual incentive for relocating to Chicago, L.A. or New York so there's no financial incentive for him to relocate now. I doubt he's going to be idolized more in New York or Miami than he currently is.

The only pull Cleveland has right now is the fact that LeBron's an Akron boy. But maybe that's gotten a tad dull for him. I'd have tired of Akron years ago, if it were me, and I'm not LeBron James.

Tough to say what he's going to do. He is a bit of a prima donna, so I lean towards him leaving. No doubt your bet early in this season just started looking a lot better, though.

Happy as hell that he failed again, though. Love his game, but I don't find him likeable in the least.