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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Habs survive, thrive

The Montreal Canadiens not only survived game six to even the series 3-3 with a 4-3 win, it is pretty safe to say they were full value for the win. Interesting that many of those that crack of Alexander Ovechkin as being a cheap shot artist while pumping up the virtues of Sidney Crosby aren't saying a word about his after-the-buzzer crosscheck on Tomas Plekanec. Game 7 goes tomorrow in Pittsburgh.

The Philadelphia Flyers shut out the Boston Bruins 4-0 to narrow the gap in that series to 3-2 with the next game set for Philadelphia.

I miss Kelly Kelly on Monday Night Raw.

It is almost a lock that the first game coming out of a series with Boston that the New York Yankees will lose, and that they did again in Detoilet last night.  Scoring more than two runs when they twice had the bases loaded with none out might have made a difference.

Says Bill Simmons (aka "The Sports Guy") via Twitter on Tiger Woods, with sarcasm oozing:
"I believe Tiger - there's no way a mysterious car accident that knocked him out for 10 mins had anything to do with his neck injury." Awesome. More on Tiger's injury below on video.

The Orlando Magic are 13-2 their last 15 against the spread.  In the two they didn't cover, they missed covering by a basket.  They're 8-0 straight up through two rounds of the playoffs.

The Toronto Blue Jays are 6-8 against teams above .500, and are also are 0-4 against Boston, 1-2 against Tampa and have yet to play Minnesota, Detroit or the New York Yankees.

What is going on with Adam Lind?

Check out this look at the five worst moves in the AFC East this off-season.  Not good news for Buffalo Bills fans, of which there are many reading here: the Bills check in with the top two bad moves.

There have been an incredible 498 arrests of NFL players since the year 2000.  Almost as impressively, somebody has taken the time to set up a database with all of them.

Over the weekend, Buster Olney said he'd be "stunned if [David] Ortiz finishes the month on the Boston roster."  Can't wait for that press conference by Big Papi!

Elisha Cuthbert, girlfriend of Dion Phaneuf (aka "The Next Leafs captain")...what happened?

Because the truth is always way funnier than fiction, check out this clip from the Golf Channel on Sunday after Tiger Woods pulled out (heyooo!) with a bulging dick...err...disc in his neck.


BronxBomber said...


bukkake said...

I could really give a fuck about any team left in the NHL playoffs right now save the Bruins maybe (I loved them as a kid) but seeing as we are in Pittsburgh on May Long I have been rooting for the Pens as we would love to see a game while there. That said, how much does Montreal remind me of the Oilers in 2006 during their run? I have a bad feeling Pittsburgh is in trouble... there is zero pressure for an 8th seed like Montreal and all the pressure in the world for the defending champs to win game 7 at home over a team that qualified for the playoffs on the last weekend of the regular season.

My Bills go 4 - 12 this year. Chan Gailey is one and done. Maybe Rich Kotite will coach us next year....

TB said...

BB, what kind of security concerns do crowds of 10,000 present anyways?

Let's face it, if the Jays fans - who know doubt will be up in arms over this - came and supported their team at all, the Jays would have a lot more leg to stand on when it came to MLB's concerns over the security of the summit.

gary said...

Ha! You're referring to the love tap to Plekanec and subsequent flop? The big difference is Ovechkin would've had Matt Bradley step in and fight his battle :)