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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Game 7!

The Vancouver Canucks met their demise with a 5-1 thumping - at home no less - to the Chicago Black Hawks.  The Hawks now face the San Jose Sharks in what should be a dynamite series, and I suspect the winner their lifts the Stanley Cup when the dust settles.

Tonight, the Boston Bruins are in Philly for game six, but the big one of the night sees the Pittsburgh Penguins try to maintain their Cup defence with a game 7 hosting Montreal.  The Habs are already playing with house money, and aren't making near the mistakes the Pens are on defence.  Mix in a goalie playing out of his mind in Jaroslav Halak against one who looks terrified at times in Marc-Andre Fleury and you have to think an upset is somewhere from possible to probable.  But, tough to go against any team with Sidney Crosby on it.  Too close to call, but I'm going to say the Habs do it.  If it goes OT, that pick changes to the Pens who would be a lot better four on four with the added room around Halak.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are now down 3-2 to the Boston Celtics after getting hammered at home 120-88 in a game where LeBron James didn't score til 30 minutes in, and shooting 3 of 14.  Last home game for LeBron?  Could well be.

Interesting thought on the NBA playoffs and how quick series have gone: the brevity of so many series will directly impact next year's salary cap negatively, so if a team like the New York Knicks was counting on an extra million or three in the pile to let them chase two max contracts, that is now under threat as the revenue pile won't be as large as it would in an average year's playoff run.

Who but the Cincinnati Bengals could be so quickly contemplating bringing in JaMarcus Russell already?  That team is threatening to replace the Oakland Raiders for where a player ends up rather than being a destination you aspire to.

With the Toronto Blue Jays hosting of the Philadelphia Phillies June 25-27 moved to Philly thanks to the G20 - and isn't that a commentary on the state of baseball in Toronto? - New York Met Jeff Francouer is arguing the extra home games for Philadelphia aren't fair.  He may have a point, but would love to hear his suggestion as to how you reschedule three interleague games.  It isn't like the Jays were hosting a divisional rival where there are a lot more opportunities to make games up with the odd double header.  That said, surely they could've gone to a neutral site to eliminate this discussion.  Montreal, perhaps?

Curious as to how your NFL team drafted relative to the Dallas Cowboys draft board?  Find out here, as the Cowboys board has been revealed.  A few bargains for the Miami Dolphins, the Tampa Bay Bucs got a better player at #3 in the Cowboys estimation than the Detroit Lions at #2, the Bills took CJ Spiller right where Dallas had him, and the Cowboys nabbed Dez Bryant a lot later than the 11th pick they had him projected.  Loads more at that link.

Maxim's annual Hot 100 is out.  Katy Perry topped the list.  Discuss.

The Bleacher Report weighs in with their take on the 25 worst uniforms.  For my money, the Pittsburgh Pirates aren't checking in nearly high enough at #15, nor are the Toronto Raptors at #9.

Do yourself a favor today, go hit your fav record store - yes, they still exist - and grab Danko Jones "Below The Belt".  You're welcome.  Caught Danko last night in Toronto at the Mod Club, and Jennifer Hedger and hubbie Sean McCormick were beside me for the show.  McCormick was jacked.  Hedger seemed astounded at Danko's tongue. 

Have a great day.


bukkake said...

you want comments? be careful what you wish for...

#94 - Kelly Ripa is creepy. Period.

#87 - Chelsea Handler - who the fuck is that horseface?

#84 - Anna Paquin - something about her face is so fucked up looking. No business being on this list.

#73 Zooey Deschanel and #1 Katy Perry - arent these the same two broads, just pre and post tit job? I guess huge, fat tits move you up 72 spots. Excellent.

#55 - Tricia Helfer was in town for an Oilers game this past season. this worn out whore has seen better days.

#54 - Britney Spears? Are you fucking kidding me? How does this pig keep making these lists? Maybe if this was the 1999 Maxim Top 100.

#42 - Anna Farris is not at all attractive. She looks like the type of broad that works at 7-11.

#38 - Angelina Jolie - another washed up whore that everyone has seen enough of. Memo to Maxim: Keep with the fresh meat. This creepela has had more cocks in her than a urinal.

#31 - Taylor Swift - what is it about this cunt that makes you think that punching a girl in the face might be alright?

#28 - Kaley Cuoco - I have no fucking clue who this is but Bukkake likey...

#25 - Danica Patrick - why do guys think this midget cunt is hot? I bet she smells like cabbage and takes massive, stinky dumps.

#21 - Milla Jovovich - maybe I am missing something here but she has never done anything for me.

#15 - Amanda Bynes - #15 here but #1 in my heart and fantasy file. She makes me think about commiting sex crimes.

#14 - Scarlett Johansson - I am not a religious man, but I thank god for her tits daily.

#6 - Rihanna - WTF? This one I really dont get. Am i the only man on earth that is amazed by the size of her fivehead? She is fucked looking.

That is all.

BigHeadedJerk said...

Playoff OT is 5on5.

Good news for the Habs. Both Gill and Markov were practicing this morning. if both are ready to play at a high level, that is a HUGE boost, as they are our #1 offensive defenseman, and #1 defensive defenceman respectively.

Crazy stat:

PK Subban played over 29 minutes in the game 6 win. Talk about being thrown into the fire...

Jason said...


Your organization's Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.

The Websense category "Lingerie and Swimsuit" is filtered.



TB said...

Right, TJQ. My bad.

...damn post Danko Jones hangovers!

Bukkake, I'm gonna get back to you later, but that's some funny shit.

ts said...

I am with Bukkake...... Cuoco and Bynes are tops for me!

gbvh said...

Cuoco takes a terrible photo.
Check out some of her "casual" stuff. Can I get a retarded smile? To go?

Me and Jables recently exchanged our celeb babes list. He sent me six, I sent him eight.
Of the 14 -- three were overlaps -- only two made the Maxim list.
Not sure what that says about us ... or them.