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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Habs do it again in Game 7

There was no doubt left as to whether the Montreal Canadiens were the deserving winners last night, and in the series.  When you hold Sidney Crosby to one goal and four assists over the course of seven games, you're doing something right.  Had to laugh hearing Crosby mocking their style of giving up twice as many chances and shots and finding a way.  Isn't the latter the point?  Only fans should talk about style I think.  He would have a lot more credibility had his squad not found a way to lose three straight.  As for the rioting in Montreal last night, you'd think that a fan base that has seen as many Cups as they have might act a bit more like they've been there before, considering they're not even "there" yet.  I get that it is a small segment of the overall - and interestingly, growing - fan base, but come on people.  At least wait until the Cup is lifted before going LA Laker Fan on us.  It would not at all shock me to see the Habs in the Stanely Cup final as they'll be facing a very beat up Boston or Philadelphia team, both with considerable question marks of their own.  If I'm the Habs, I'd rather see Boston who don't have the playoff type warriors the Flyers do in Mike Richards and Chris Pronger, among others.

Speaking of the Flyers, they beat the Bruins 2-1 last night to escape a 3-0 crater in that series and force game seven tomorrow night.  The Flyers are the first team since 1975 to dig out of a 3-0 hole.

If you were at all wondering, wonder no more: Sammy Sosa is back to being black.

Lawrence Taylor's defence to the rape of a 16-year old will be that he didn't rape her, he was merely rubbing one out.  Guess that's at least slightly better.

Isn't it funny that the NFL's defensive rookie of the year Brian Cushing gets popped for performance enhancing drug use, and is suspended for four games, and that barely makes a ripple among every day sports fans?  And funnier still that they took a second vote for his award after the information came out and he still won?  A baseball player pops a Sudafed and it is days of discussion among the major media outlets and he's treated like he tried to kill the Pope. 

Dwayne Wade is going through a messy divorce, and he's now being sued for $25 million in a failed restaurant venture.  He's going to need a max contract to help pay for these lawsuits if he starts falling short in court.

Oakland A's pitcher - and the "before" poster boy for orthodentist's everywhere - Dallas Braden appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and read the Top Ten a couple nights ago.  He also said the matter with A-Rod has been "taken care of."  For what it is worth, Daryl Strawberry told The Michael Kay Show that "he's never heard of" the unwritten rule Braden cried about, and he'd be pounded if it were him for his act a few weeks back.  Orel Hershiser added "traditions are passed from older players to the younger, not the other way around, and I'm going to side with Alex here, this guy is too big for his britches and arguing for some not deeply set rule.  I don't have a problem with it, I really don't."

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