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Monday, May 17, 2010

Philly romps

Gonna be a very good day in offices everywhere today across Canadaland, what with the Montreal Canadiens getting it prison style in Philadelphia last night with the Flyers winning 6-0 to take the first game of their Eastern Conference series.  Could it be that Habs fans emulate their team last night and simply don't show up to work today?  I have yet to see my boss today, interestingly.

In the Western Conference series, the Chicago Black Hawks downed San Jose 2-1.

Real heartbreaker - or not - seeing Wince Carturd have himself a decent game in a losing effort for his Orlando Magic in the first game of their series against the Boston Celtics.  Searching high and low for a line on Kevin Garnett busting Carturd's and his mother's noses with "errant" elbows. The Phoenix Suns visit the LA Lakers in the first of their Western Conference series.

Word is that TSN analyst Pierre McGuire could be the frontrunner to take over the GM’s duties of the Tampa Bay Lightning, which would leave a giant vacancy on the airwaves, and a welcome one at that.  Can you imagine being a rival GM and calling that guy around the trade deadline?  You might celebrate three birthdays before getting a deal done.

The head of English soccer was recorded saying that Spain are working with the Russian's to bribe World Cup officials, and promising their support for the Russian 2018 hosting bid in return.  I'm sure that's the kind of thing FIFA love to hear about with the tournament weeks away from kicking off.  Pretty sure Spain needs more help in getting players healthy than they do from the officials.

German captain Michael Ballack is out of the World Cup after suffering an ankle injury in the FA Cup final won this weekend by his Chelsea club side.  With Ballack out of the tourney, I'm sure the referee's will appreciate not being shadowed by that constant whiner.

Philadelphia Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson is on his way to becoming the next Terrell Owens, say the fine folks at ProFootballTalk.  Do they mean "unemployed"?

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Finally today, 10 great England goals.

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