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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Olé, Olé, Oh Leighton!

Who knew that the soccer-ripping-off "Olé! Olé! Olé!" chant that many Habs fans think they invented was really a lead in to the much more original "Olé, Olé, Oh Leighton!"   Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Michale Leighton is perfect through two games after last night's 3-0 shutout to give him two in a row on the series as the Flyers took care of business at home again for a 2-0 series lead.  As for his counterpart in the Montreal goal, Jaroslav Halak, he's now looking a lot more beatable and as though midnight has struck for his Cinderella run.  Needless to say, the Habs are in trouble.

In worse trouble, however, are the San Jose Sharks after losing 4-2 last night as the Chicago Black Hawks will be heading home with a 2-0 series lead after taking a pair in California.

Why the Phoenix Suns are in a lot of trouble after losing Game 1 to the LA Lakers: Lakers coach Phil Jackson is 46-0 in playoff series after winning Game 1, including 22-0 with the Lakers.

Safe to say that much like last year at this time, the New York Yankees bullpen is their soft spot, at least if the last 10 days are any indication.  Leading 5-1 against the lifeless Boston Red Sox, Joba Chamberlain and Mariano Rivera combined to blow their second lead in three days, and they're the reliable ones in that pen this year.  Also a problem for the Yanks: going into last night, Derek Jeter had swung at just 19.8 percent of pitches out of the strike zone since 2002. This year, however, Jeter has swung at 33.3 percent of all pitches out of the strike zone.  Might explain the plummeting average the last couple weeks.  All three are going to need to be much better with the awesome Tampa Bay Rays visiting for a couple of games starting today.

Word is Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas - a top five to ten player in the world - wants to bolt London and head to Barcelona.  That'd be a terrible loss for Arsenal, but Fabregas might not want to follow in the same path of Arsenal-captain-to-Barcelona footsteps of Thierry Henry, didn't exactly work out fantastic for the player.

Deadspin is running some of the best soccer chants of the year - the Liverpool Europa League bit is my fav - and you can check out the rest here.

Drunk Soccer League?  Hell freaking yes.  Somewhere, Paul Gascoigne is limbering up.

After years of intensive research, I can officially confirm that if you wear sunglasses indoors, you're a douchebag.  Rock stars exempted.

The Toronto Raptors may not have won the NBA Draft Lottery last night - that was the Washington Wizards - but their remaining fans were treated to a draft lottery day playoff treat when one Wince Carturd stepped up to the free throw line with roughly thirty ticks on the clock and his Orlando Magic trailing by three.  Carturd, who shoots free throws at a mid-80's clip, missed both.  Oh sweet, delicious karma.  The Magic are down 2-0 to the Boston Celtics with the series moving to Boston.

Very classy of Florida Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez, a first rate talent, to blast his manager for benching him when H-Ram took six seconds to get to a ball he missed because he was loafing it to the ball.  Problem is he's such a talent that unless he wants Fredi Gonzalez to keep his job, he likely won't.  Shame he's such a dickhead that refuses to apologize to his manager or teammates, who came out in support of the benching.

Toronto FC are at Vancouver tonight to face the Whitecaps in the latest round of the Canadian Championship.  A win will wrap up the title for TFC for the second year running.

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