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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mauer stays in Minny

Joe Mauer has agreed to an eight-year, $184 million extension that will keep him with the Minnesota Twins. He's a hell of a player, but that's big bucks and term for a catcher, where the health of knees and back, especially for a guy his size and who has already had some health issues and is on a team that isn't considered a big money team - though their owner is worth a load more than George Steinbrenner - could really sting them down the road if he doesn't stay healthy. Mauer will be taking up a quarter of the Twins payroll in the immediate future.

Less than two weeks until baseball season, the MLS season starts this week thanks to their 5-year labour deal Saturday, and March Madness is full on. I love this time of year.

I want to thank the Kansas Jayhawks for raining fecal matter on my pool entries. All of them.

Manchester United's 2-1 win over Liverpool wasn't a massive surprise, despite 'pool's ownership of United the previous three games, but Chelsea drawing 1-1 with Blackburn is a stunner. United now sit 2 points ahead of Arsenal with seven to play for each, and Chelsea are five back with eight to go. Didn't I mention the mentally weak Blues wouldn't get it done just a few days ago?

Who was the meathead in the Buffalo Bills marketing area that thought a season ticket renewal campaign tied to an image of punter Brian Moorman punting from his own endzone would inspire confidence? Check it out at right. Needless to say, fans aren't impressed in B-lo. Oh, the picture was taken during the Bills 6-3 loss to Cleveland this past season, something else that isn't likely to have people thinking "entertainment and value for the dollar". The only way it could've been a worse idea is if they had the picture from the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

Losers of six straight, including yesterday's beatdown at the hands of the last-in-the-league Edmonton Oilers, safe to say the San Jose Sharks are feeling the after-effects of nine players getting Olympic duty. That, or they're just rounding into playoff form.

Not saying no more Sunday blog's, but thinking they won't be quite as regular.

One thing I want to see this baseball season, badly: Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington tripping on his way to the mound and landing face first on the chalk line. That'd be amazing.

Not a great UFC Fight Night Live last night when no fights broadcast - free - went the distance, but Jon "Bones" Jones was incredible in beating Brandon Vera in the main event. Jones is amazing, quite simply.

Have a great Monday!

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Anonymous said...

i renewed, but that picture encapsulates why I sell all my tix and didn't go to a single game last year. wait, maybe i'm as dumb as the bills...carp. but i feel smrt.