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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stirring the water in the toilet bowl

If I'm New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, I'd be making sure I'm neither 5'6" or 160lbs, because the sex assault suspect at the right is looking a lot like you otherwise. Great find from SportsByBrooks.

David Letterman
on the new health program brought in by Barrack Obama: "It covers the Kansas Jayhawks' choking." Can I tap it for lost pool entries?

Washington Nationals
top draft pick Stephen Strasburg, called by some the best pitching prospect in baseball history, recorded 27 outs in his 3 spring starts, 12 coming by srikeouts. Of the other 15, 14 were ground balls. Not bad. He'll start the season in Double A but won't be long before he's making good on his promise it seems.

There's talk in Philadelphia that the Flyers may work a deal this summer for Carey Price, the only Montreal Canadien booed in pre-game intros - and heartily I might add - at a game recently attended by yours truly in Montreal. I don't include this for that story, but because the first comment is so hilarious. Some guy thinks the Flyers would give up Mike Richards or Jeff Carter for him at this point! The Habs would do well just to get his contract off the books right now.

Count on South Park to hit the nail on the head with this take on Tiger Woods and his Thanksgiving 2009. Thanks to Bukakke for passing this along.

Ronnie Brown of the Miami Dolphins got clipped for a DUI on the weekend leading the always clever Fark Sports to dub his squad the Miami DUIphins. Solid.

Keeping with running backs, the Toronto Argos chose not to re-sign Jamal Robertson. Guess where he landed? Yep, the other CFL team owned by David Braley, the B.C. Lions. Altogether now: "bush league!"

Abbey Clancy in body paint of the English national soccer team's jersey? Hell to the yes please.

Duante Culpepper wants to play for the Buffalo Bills, his next step in a career arc that has seen him go from the Oakland Raiders to the Detroit Lions and possibly the Bills. Make of this what you will.

RedNationOnline has a piece about Toronto FC supporters being less than thrilled with the team as it prepares to launch the 2010 season. Why? I mean, who doesn't want to get excited about a team that has seen more red cards than goals scored in the pre-season?

Have a great Tuesday, back tomorrow morning.


gbvh said...

RE: "Stirring the water in the toilet bowl."


BigHeadedJerk said...

Price is making little coin, and is still a valuable trading chip, so in no way would Montreal be loooking to dump salary on a 22 year old goalie making less than a million dollars...

He's still a great young goalie prospect who just needs to get out of montreal. Obviously he wouldn't fetch Richards or Carter though, but he has the value to return a very good prospect type back...

TB said...

Not sure I'd be calling him a great anything anymore. But agree he needs out of there - the booing he took last Saturday was incredible.

Oh, and if Gabe Morency is accurate, he could afford to get off the blow, too.

That said, if the Flyers are interested, can't like his chances much. They are where goalies go to do...sometimes literally.