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Friday, March 26, 2010

More Madness, please!

Mostly fantastic games in the NCAA last night as West Virginia and Kentucky punched their tickets to the Elite 8. #1 seed in the West Region Syracuse bowed out thanks to a turnover filled effort against Butler, and in a ridiculously wild game, Kansas State beat Xavier 101-96 in double overtime. Tonight, another four games set with. Cannot wait. I'm betting Northern Iowa at +1. Get down.

The Oakland Raiders are said to be in on Donovan McNabb if the Philadelphia Eagles are selling. Guess the Raiders figure one overweight QB isn't enough.

Weirdest thing. I tuned in to Raptors TV last night and they were broadcasting a D-League game. That's not the weird part. That'd be the fact that guys making pennies to the Raptors dollars were actually making an effort and competing.

The Chicago Cubs have to be looking at another futile season, if players sitting on folding chairs only to have them collapse and leave the player - Derek Lee in this case - with a bad back. Baseball injuries are one of a kind.

Gabrielle Marcotti at ESPN SoccerNet takes a look at the English Premier League run in and concludes Chelsea has a very rocky road ahead, with a bumpy summer ahead with an aging roster. Chelsea with issues? Shame. Marcotti tabs Manchester United to win the league again.

NFLers give their fav swear words. Unofficially, I think "motherfuck" and variations thereof wins. Not surprisingly, a Manning comes up with the lamest of the lame in the bunch.

I've sat on this one a couple days now, but shocking that there has been next to no coverage of the story that a doctor may have provided three Washington Capitals players with steroids.

The grand jury investigating Roger Clemens for steroid use could get real interesting with talk that Jose Canseco may be subpoenaed. Canseco played with Clemens in Toronto and with the New York Yankees.

1 comment:

Kristian said...

Not surprised if steroids are in use in NHL. What's interesting though is the big doping controversy between FIFA and IOC, yet IOC seems to do nothing towards the NHL to make sure it's players, that fills up 90% of the hockey roosters come the Olympics, are clean...

Wouldn't call WVU's game fantastic yesterday... 45 turnovers combined and all, but damn that defence can be choking. The team is the anti-Raptors; athletic, damn good on the O-boards, control the tempo and defence can stop some of the most potent offenses to a halt.

Kentucky scares me though, they looked very impressiv last night...