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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Perfect in March Madness

An autistic 17-year old has picked the first two rounds of the NCAA tourney perfectly. No, really. But, as you can see at right, he's a Cubs fan, so nobody is perfect.

Four English Premier League games on the slate today, with Manchester City hosting Everton in what is the best matchup of the day. At the other end of the spectrum, plenty of pressure on Chelsea to get winning again and fast with this game in hand they're using up in what should be a gimme of a game at last-place Portsmouth, but the Blues have struggled of late. A Chelsea win puts them in second place, a point ahead of Arsenal, a point behind Manchester United. Shaping up to be a fantastic EPL finish to the season.

Looking like the opening NFL game for the 2010 season will see the Minnesota Vikings in New Orleans to face the Saints. Not bad, I'd say! Other schedule rumblings are that it will be the Washington Redskins in Dallas on Thanksgiving. The entire schedule should be out mid to late April if tradition holds.

Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers on the Tiger Woods interview on Sunday: "Wish Tom Rinaldi had ended 5 minute Tiger interview with 'Thanks for the quickie.'" Love Seth.

I can't claim to have ever heard a Justin Bieber song, but man is that kid and talk of him annoying me. delivers this gem on Georgia authorities deciding they don't need Ben Roethlisberger's DNA:
"Georgia authorities drop request for DNA sample from Ben Roethlisberger, presumably since it's so readily available."

The NFL has decided to change its overtime rules, but strangely, for the playoffs only at this point. Seems a touch XFLish to go that way, no? NFL coaches were surprisingly against the move, though I guess it does remove the excuse that "we lost the coin toss, that's why we lost" in OT.

Speaking of the XFL, the always funny SportsPickle details the XFL's Hall of Fame inductees for 2010. True story: yours truly has a New York Hitmen jersey.

The Tampa Bay Rays are said to be looking to cut $20 million of payroll next year. Still, they've got a lot of young talent locked into good contracts, but that has to make an impact.

Ron Cooke from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says that the Minnesota Twins contract extension for Joe Mauer is lunacy, and with eight players signed next year totally $70.5 million, they're going to see their current payroll of $97 million.

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Kristian said...

The kid got Purdue to win it all! I'd be very surprised if that perfect bracket sticks over the weekend...