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Saturday, March 27, 2010

GSP returns

UFC111 goes tonight in Newark, New Jersey and will see welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, returning from a long layoff after a groin injury, face Dan Hardy. Hardy got off a great bit of smack in mocking GSP's wearing a traditional robe to the ring, saying just because you wear pyjamas to the ring, it doesn't make you an MMAer. The co-main event sees Frank Mir face Shane Carwin for the interim heavyweight title. All of Carwin's 11 fights have ended by knockout in the first round. Just sayin'.

Toronto FC start the season off today in Columbus, as is tradition of late, and optimism is in as short supply as players are for the Reds. TFC will dress anywhere from 13-15 players barring any last minute surprises, and it is a damning statement that Mo Johnston took six months to deliver what, other than a new coach, looks to be a less talented and more shallow squad. The knife sharpening is on.

If Donovan McNabb is traded, word is he'd prefer it be to the Minnesota Vikings. Right, him and any other QB would love that receiving corps and Adrian Peterson in the backfield. Trouble is, McNabb, they've already got another QB they're waiting on.

The 32nd round of the English Premier League season starts today and there is little margin for error at the top of the table. Chelsea faces the toughest opponent of the top three in hosting Aston Villa, though Arsenal's visit to Birmingham is no easy three points. Manchester United is at Bolton, and may be minus Wayne Rooney for that one.

Adam "Pacman" Jones is set to become a Detroit Lion. Wait til he finds out how many scrip clubs there are just over the border in Windsor!

Seems Formula 1 drivers have an issue with a twilight start in Melbourne, Australia and driving the final laps with the sun directly in their eyes. As if anything could go wrong that way?

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma thinks the new NFL overtime rules are a shot at the Saints for their overtime win over Minnesota in the playoffs. Guess Vilma forgets that OHB is perfectly capable of throwing a back-breaking interception in OT as much as in regulation. Far too sensitive, JV.

For my boy, Bukakke, I present the poet, Charles Bukakke.

Since Dion Phaneuf was traded from Calgary to Toronto, the Flames are is 10-8-1 while the Leafs are 10-7-1.

A pair of beauty goals from Cristiano Ronaldo on Thursday...


gbvh said...

t.o. is now +622.

bukkake said...

Fucking brilliant, TBek.

Love it. Poetry brings a tear to my eye.

BigHeadedJerk said...

whats with putting up pictures of funny looking chicks? At least make 'em hot. That asain chick has no ass,and the blonde looks like she fought a shovel...