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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh!

Another EPL weekend is about to kickoff today, with Liverpool at Manchester United tomorrow being the featured bout. Wolves are half way to an upset of Aston Villa at the moment, leading 2-1 at the half. Step your game up, Villains!

For at least the second straight year, the team with the fewest fights in the NHL - Washington - leads the overall standings. As is stands right now, three of the five teams with the most fights, with Calgary on the bubble to make it four, are in position to miss the playoffs. All that enforcing the "code" sure is doing wonders, ain't it?

Curt Schilling took a run at users of performance enhancing drugs a few days back on the Dan Patrick Show, and thinks that Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and others don't belong in the Hall of Fame. For the millionth time - how can you be punished for doing something that wasn't against the rules at the time? Funny, Patrick never asked him if he felt his World Series win was tainted in any way given David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez, just to name two, being tarred with the PED brush, but Schilling always did act like he was holier than all.

Mark Cuban offers this warning to NBA players, disguised as a commentary to NFL players.

JaMarcus Russell checked in to Oakland Raiders off season camp weighing a mere 271. He seems very committed, to eating.

Since February 17th 2009, the leading NHL goal scorers are Alexander Ovechkin with 59, Steve Stamkos with 58, and Sidney Crosby at 57. Betting the inclusion of Stamkos surprises most.

The ultimate point in how ludicrous NHL suspensions are: Sean Avery got six games for a "sloppy seconds" blast that was "conduct detrimental to the game" but hospitalize a guy, don't sweat it.

The Big Lead, a solid blog if I must say, entertains the idea of baseball moving to a promotion/relegation system like is found in most soccer leagues. Interesting read, even though he's saying it isn't likely to happen. Also interesting is finding out that England's de facto second division is the fourth biggest soccer league in Europe in terms of dollars and cents.

Very classy of New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson to boot 1,200 long time season ticket owners so he can add private boxes.

New stadiums coming in New York and Kansas City, and expanded seating at BMO Field in Toronto and in Seattle, and here Richard Peddie of MLSE is trying to tell us that the league is year's from profitable and can't afford the player's modest demands in the continuing labour discussions? Nonsense, Peddie. Bankers don't fund big capital projects in this day and age unless there is a damn solid business plan in place showing how loans will be paid.

Of the Toronto Raptors, disgraced again at home, I will repeat the bombs I was dropping on Twitter: The Toronto Raptors are the Corey Haim of the know how it ends way before they do. Chris Bosh couldn't lead Tiger Woods to a naked whore. Well done Raptors, highest payroll, darkest future among the MLSE teams. The Raptors Dance Pak has more sack than the Raptors. Andrea Bargnani and Jarrett Jack are about the only guys I don't have some issue with right now. I hate that team.

Worst part about March Madness? We're down to fewer games already. The last two days have been incredible. A little sour Siena burst my perfect run yesterday, but had Gonzaga as an easy winner last night. Betting St. Mary's +4.5 today. Get down at Pinnacle if you need, link above this post.


B. Kennedy said...

+1 on the hate of the Raptors, but Amir Johnson probably needs to be added to the non-hate list, perhaps in a trade for Bargnani.

PS: appropriately enough, the verification word below for me is "mentea", probably in reference to how badly OKC teabagged them last night.

B. Kennedy said...

And on behalf of Corey Haim I object to that comment: Haim at least accomplished something before giving up the ghost.

BronxBomber said...

I think Nova comes to play so I'm on the other end.

MLS season 5 days away and still no deal, now Gerba wants out after being sent home.

Can't wait for the Manc/Scouse derby tomorrow.

BronxBomber said...

edit: looks like a new CBA is in place.

B. Kennedy said...

Jay Wright looks like he's one of the few people on earth who could take advice from Jay Triano on how to keep your team's focus intact during a down stretch right now.

Holy crap did Villanova's season suddenly turn sideways. The last time I saw an entire team plummet down to earth that quickly, a bunch of Argentinians ended up eating each other.

BronxBomber said...

Seriously, Scottie Reynolds makes Hedo look like an All Star. God-awful they were and they refused to double Omar Sahman

gbvh said...

Is this thing on?
You going all Empties Crushed on us or what?