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Friday, March 19, 2010

Sext me up, Tiger.

The Champions League quarter-final draw is complete and will see Bordeaux and Lyon battle for a French spot in the semi-finals that Lyon should win, Manchester United face a tough Bayern Munich side in a tie they should handle, Inter Milan will beat CSKA Moscow with ease, and Barcelona and Arsenal lock horns in what pits two of the best passing squads in the world in what should be a great one. I'm going to say here that Manchester United and Barcelona will again be meeting in the finals in Madrid, and that scenario would drive the gel from Cristiano Ronaldo's hair seeing his former team and now current rival playing on his home field.

Looks like the Pittsburgh media isn't exactly taking up for Ben Roethlesberger on the heels of his sexual assault charges. So the team has been silent, other than stories the Rooney's are livid, and no players that I can recall have stepped up in support. Must be a great guy, that Ben.

The New York Jets and Giants will both play at their new stadium to open the 2010 weekend, with the Giants getting opening duties after winning a coin toss at the league office in which neither team was represented because, presumably, it was so far away from the league's Manhattan offices. Very transparent, Mr. Commissioner Goodell. Predictably, the Jets are unhappy. They'll also be unhappy that five of the Jets non-division foes scheduled for games at Meadowlands in 2010 had winning records in 2009.

If you can figure out how James Wisniewski gets eight games for this hit, while Alexander Ovechkin got two for his and Matt Cooke got nothing for his that put Marc Savard into a darkened room since, you're far more intelligent than 99.9% of the population. Love that people still think that fighting is in the game to police this stuff out of it. Funny, seems to have done nothing of the sort. Damien Cox of the Toronto Star tweeted that NHL hockey is ridiculous because some think Matt Cooke's beating at the hands of Boston Bruin Shawn Thornton, a much larger opponent, somehow is viewed as justice.

When you read Tiger Woods sext messages to porn star Joslyn James, are you like me and think "what kind of freaking text plan does this guy have?"

How quiet has the Dallas Cowboys off season been? They've yet to lose a free agent, sign a free agent, or make a trade. They do know that when you fall short of a championship, it is probably best to make some kind of move, right?

Pinnacle Sports has a line on whether LeBron James will stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers and "no" is getting +250. Hard not to hit that, so I did. Get down by clicking the ad above.

Had a great day betting March Madness yesterday, so will give you a tip today for some fun. Hit Siena +4.5, they're going to give Purdue all they can handle. Oh, my Final Four is Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky and Baylor. Lot of chalk, yes, but that's the way she'll roll. Don't believe in Duke, that stuff gets you busted. The downside of yesterday's incredible slate of games? We're almost guaranteed the NCAA uses it as a reason to jump to 96 teams, or all of them.

No more headshots allowed. No big discussion, just straight to implementation and a clear cut and dried application: you either did or didn't hit a guy in the head. The way the NHL is going? Nope. WWE has taken away chair shots to the dome.

Have a great Friday.


gbvh said...

Bordeaux is tops in the French league.
Speaking of, I watched a couple of French games a shitload of Fridays ago and, gotta say, they were exciting as all hell.
Back-and-forth, offensive-minded action in both.
Not sure if that's the norm, but twas great.

And on that note, I'm finding Europa League way more exciting than the Champions League.
Maybe teams don't give as big a shit and play more loosely.

B. Kennedy said...

That Georgetown - Ohio game yesterday was just a clinic in how to beat a bigger, stronger, superior opponent. Way too many undersized and undertalented teams play ball control and hope to hit enough contested threes late in the shot clock to win. But Ohio was just fearless, and got out and pushed the ball in transition, they reversed the ball in secondary looking to get it inside and they just kicked Georgetown's ass. They had a size disadvantage at every position, and just used that to their advantage and burned them with drive after drive after drive, and then when the defense would key on the guards, they'd get the ball into their undersized post players who had no problem scoring past the Georgetown bigs, despite giving up at least 5" at every position.

To kick it all off, they outrebounded Georgetown by sending their wings to the glass and they just owned them on the boards. Defensively, they competed hard and pressured the ball and chased every cutter through Georgetown's Princeton offense. They kept the ball out on the perimeter and just swarmed the defensive glass with all their quick little dudes and Georgetown's heads were spinning like Linda Blair's.

What a brilliant technical display of how to beat a superior, bigger opponent. They stayed aggressive and attacking all game and deserved that win, huge. Best basketball game I've seen in 12 months, easily. Better than any of the "entertaining" games the Craptors have played this year.