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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chelsea fails again

Oh, Chelsea. That's why they can't win knock out games. They cave under pressure and are far too mentally fragile when trailing. Inter Milan wasn't leading more than five minutes before Chelsea striker Didier Drogba picked up a red card for stepping on an opponent and John Terry was getting in guys faces and it was only a 1-0 Inter Milan lead at the time, which ended up being the final. With a trip to Old Trafford remaining on the EPL schedule, bet on Chelsea not winning the EPL either. Love it. Inter Milan will move into the quarter finals with yesterday's other winner, CSKA Moscow. The final two slots will be sorted out today when Barcelona hosts Stuttgart, and Bordeaux hosts Olympiakos.

I've purposely stayed away from any March Madness talk this week as there is plenty of that everywhere at the moment. That said, here's a peak at the seven types of people in every NCAA bracket pool.

From the March 8th issue of ESPN The Magazine: "look for a big post-All-Star push from Toronto, which has both the Atlantic Division and playoff home court advantage in its sights. While they trail the Celtics by five games, the Raptors have the league's fifth easiest remaining schedule and face 12 .500-or-under teams in their last 24." Not exactly working out that way, is it?

Shame that the days I write the most, the fewest ad clicks happen. Such is life, I guess.

Here are 10 UFC sponsors who make me embarrassed to watch UFC, but it is really nine for me, because I love Manswers.

Tiger Woods has announced he'll be back at The Masters in Augusta, Georgia. Wonder if anyone will be lobbing one of these Tiger sex toys at him when he does?

And remember folks: green beer is like birthday cake, something you should stop doing at 14.


BronxBomber said...

Not sure the validity of this arcticle but it states Hedo's wife has never set foot in Toronto. Lives in Orlando with the kid. Weird seeing as how she was the one who didn't want him in Portland...

bukkake said...

I fucking love birthday cake...

Kristian said...

Clicked everything in sight this time to make up for it.

Couldn't care less about where Chelsea finishes in the league as long as they take a bow in the FA as well. Caving under pressure is promising at least.

Messi show is back on tonight, damn that kid is good!