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Thursday, March 18, 2010


The Boston Bruins host the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight in the first meeting between the two teams since Matt Cooke crushed Marc Savard with a blind-side hit last Sunday. Love how Penguin Eric Godard is saying nothing ever happens when teams talk retribution. Guess the names Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore don't ring a bell? It should for Cooke. After all, he was the Vancouver Canucks tough guy that Moore took on to answer the call for his "dirty" hit on Marcus Naslund earlier. The problems for Moore spiraled because he actually beat Cooke in the first period and the Avs went on to hammer the Canucks before Bertuzzi pile drove him into the ice.

It looks like the MLS Players Union is about to go on strike Monday unless there is a last minute deal brokered. Fools, them and the league for taking the positive momentum they've been building and getting involved in a power play at this time. They need each other to survive and thrive, and coming four days ahead of the first game of the season is a terrible development.

ESPN's Jayson Stark looks at the Toronto Blue Jays dealing of Roy Halladay and what the pieces returned mean for the Jays going forward. Good read.

Cleveland Cavaliers season ticket holders have to decide whether they're going to renew their tickets for next season next month. Guess their ticket sales staff doesn't want to see how good at their jobs they are if LeBron James were to leave?

So Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine last season? Shocking...that he didn't pin it on Josh Hamilton.

Barcelona comfortably sealed their Champions League quarter-final spot with a comfortable 4-0 win at home over Stuttgart. Bordeaux clinched the final spot with a last minute goal to win 2-1 over Olympiakos. The draw will go tomorrow, with no seedings whatsoever, with these teams: Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Bordeaux, CSKA Moscow, Inter Milan, Lyon and Manchester United. For those scoring at home, that's two English sides, two French, one Spanish, one German, one Russian, and one Italian.

Just when you thought TV had used up all ideas, along comes the idea of a reality show featuring Mike Tyson.

You wanna talk thundering hits? Check out this one in the NCAA...

Those crazy KHLers are at it again, this time with their fans getting in on the show. End result? A concussed goalie.


gbvh said...

MLS owners/players can't be stupid enough to let it happen, can they?

I got a bad feeling they can.

Even if not, I'm guessing some damage has already been done, what with the season seven days away.

gbvh said...

No March Madness hype!?


BronxBomber said...

hahaha first thing I thought of GBVH.

I don't think the MLS season will kick off til late April...both sides very far apart.