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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The MLB trade market is about to get hot if the talk of a deal that would send Roy Oswalt to Philadelphia materializes and see Jayson Werth shipped out of Philly to Tampa Bay.  Yes, Oswalt makes more than Cliff Lee, who was brilliant last year - and better than Halladay has been for the Phil's this year - but unlike Lee, he's not a free agent heading to the Yankees this offseason.  The Phillies still have themselves a sizeable hole to dig out of in the NL East with the Atlanta Braves up 7 games on them, with the NY Mets 6.5 back, and getting stronger with the return of Jayson Heyward and dealing for Alex Gonzalez.  But, there's word that Oswalt's desire to have his 2012 option guaranteed could scuttle the deal.

Also in the article above, if you don't have ESPN Insider, it is worth that Toronto Blue Jay Jose Bautista will be arbitration eligible and likely to get $10-$12 million, a big bump from his current $2.5 million, and that there is "no way" the Jays would pay that, and they, according to a rival executive, "have to trade him. They're not going to keep him around at that salary, based on one good year."  Why not?  They signed Aaron Hill and Adam Lind to long term extensions on less?

Think New York Mets starter Mike Pelfrey is hurt?  40 hits in 14 innings pitched seems to suggests something isn't right for a guy who dominated most of the season to this point.

I'll never understand how there can be three chairs in a row - same as three urinals - and somebody, there first, picks the one in the middle. Also something I won't get: how great Heineken tastes in cans and how absolutely terrible it is in bottles, even straight out of the case and not exposed to sun.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson thinks the super busy English season could use a break to give its players time to get healthy, and that the absence of a break hurt players based in England at the World Cup this year.  Looking at how England performed, plus Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres and others, there may be something to that. Didn't bother Carlos Tevez a bunch but he doesn't seem to tire ever.  

FIFA has the subject of video replay on the agenda for an October meeting.  At least they're not in a hurry.

Stop me if you've heard this before.  An NBA player - Chris Paul in this case - wants out of a situation he deems unfavorable - New Orleans in this case - to move to join another star - Amare Stoudamire in this case - to chase a ring in another city - New York in this case.  Hey, didn't we mention that rumor of CP3, Amare and Carmelo Anthony hooking up in New York last week?  Seems like there's something to it.

The Most Homerotic Sports Photos Ever Taken.

New Liverpool signing Joe Cole - who is no doubt a fantastic player - says that Liverpool is the biggest club in England.  Didn't know he was a comic too.  Funny he mentions Champions League action with respect to Liverpool because they'll be a spectator this year after finishing 7th.

Happy 20th birthday, Rosie Jones.  NSFW, folks.


gbvh said...

Heinecans -- gold.
Bottles -- tastes like toots.

BronxBomber said...

The middle urinals are the least used urinals and are lesslikely to have piss on the floor.

Pardon me for that Dwight Schrute moment.