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Friday, July 23, 2010

Guaranteed win night at Rogers Centre tonight...for David Braley

It is guaranteed win night in Toronto tonight for one David Braley.  Why?  Because he owns both teams playing at the Rogers Centre: the Argos and BC Lions.  The only way this could stink more was if there was a gambling allegation tied to the game and Braley.

Yes, that is the goals scored by individual shoe at the World Cup in South Africa

Weird stat that you wouldn't expect: over 11 seasons with the Tampa Bay Lightning, Vinny Lecavalier has only missed 33 games total, but has only been above 80 points in a season twice.  His career average is 67.

CC Sabathia turned 30 on Wednesday. He got there with 148 wins and 1,700 strikeouts.  The last pitcher to have so many wins before his 30th birthday was Greg Maddux who won 151 games in his by the time he turned 30. The last pitcher with that many strikeouts was Pedro Martinez, who had 1,981 at age 30.  He's about the best bet to reach 300 next, and still remains a long shot. Really puts that feat in perspective, no?  Sabathia picked up #149 last night in the Yankees 10-4 win over Kansas City.

On Wednesday night, Philadelphia Phillies starter Joe Blanton was allowed to hit with the bases loaded in 7th inning and struck out. The next inning, he gave up the tie-breaking HR to Matt Holliday and the Phillies went on to lose to the St. Louis Cardinals. Blanton's ERA after 6th inning this yeat: 17.18!

Kansas City, Cleveland and Seattle: Easy matchups for the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox this weekend.

Thierry Henry scored in his first game for the New York Red Bull, a 2-1 loss to visiting Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League. After Henry's interview on that joke of a New York morning show a couple days ago, here are some tips for interviewing Henry.

NFL gets paid from networks next year and beyond whether they play or not.  Hope the players are saving their bucks.

Here's a peak at the the top ten most underhyped players in MLB.

Joel Sherman at the NY Post looks at the New York Yankees lineup and concludes that their best centre fielder is playing left, and their best leadoff guy is batting ninth.  Same guy in both cases isn't where he should be: Brett Gardner.  I can see the delicacy about the batting order, because as Sherman notes, Derek Jeter should be hitting towards the bottom with how he has produced this year, but not sure why the attachment to Curtis Granderson already.

On holidays next week so the dailyness of RandoMango will not quite be there, particularly next weekend, but be sure to click over and click away regardless. If there's nothing up by 11am, you can assume a dark day in this corner.

Check out this streaker at the BC Lions game last week. He busted three tackles before being down by security. Word is the Toronto Argos are interested.


gbvh said...

"Horrible piece of goalkeeping by Greg Sutton" was one of the calls by the Briton.

gbvh said...

Didn't look like the NYRBers were overly interested in congratulating Henry or celebrating with him when he scored.

TB said...

Maybe they couldn't believe that they scored on Spurs?

From what I hear of Henry, he's a pretty good guy so can't imagine he's gone diva on them, not after what had to be a pretty humiliating year on the pine in Barca and the French fiasco. Maybe Angel is spreading stories from his days in his huge shadows in the EPL? HA!