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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Apology unaccepted

Predictably, Dwayne Wade is apologizing and backtracking from his "World Trade" comments over the weekend.  No apology for being so self-absorbed is predicted.

Pierre LeBrun offers up five suggestions to improve the NHL. Can't say I disagree with a single one of them, but where was "remove Gary Bettman and Don Cherry from any further roles" or "shave 20 games off the schedule" on the list?

Fantastic interview here from the exceedingly open book that is Mike Tyson.  Well worth a read.

Joe Cole is now officially a Liverpool player after agreeing to a four year deal, ending his time with Chelsea. Expect a lot of player movement in the next ten days or so as the English Premier League season in particular is just around the corner with an August 14th start date.

The Capello Index, a website that was to feature English coach Fabio Capello's grades of all the players on England as well as the rest of the World Cup squads, except he actually had nothing to do with it, is now and for now online.  Word is Capello is sour that his name has been attached to this and been made public and wants it taken down so if you want to see how "he" graded players, be sure to check this out sooner rather than later.

Speaking of the World Cup, Michael Grange at The Globe & Mail looks at how Canada will get to the big tourney for the first time since 1984.  I'm thinking "buy tickets" would've been a more fitting approach.

The New York Yankees may trade for Toronto Blue Jays reliever Scott Downs?  At least it'll force him to get that greasy lettuce cut.

Word is that MLB has threatened to  what say you all of word that to fold the Texas Rangers if a bankruptcy court forces ownership to the highest bidder.  Seems strange, no?  The goal is to put it in the hands of someone more cash strapped, the same way they did with the Chicago Cubs instead of selling to Mark Cuban, so that teams won't increase their salaries further.

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