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Saturday, June 26, 2010

To the round of 16 we go!

Gotta go remote today folks so no pics, no integrated linkage.

A huge day in the soccer world as the knockout rounds of the World Cup are under way, starting with the round of 16. Uruguay takes on South Korea this morning at 10am, and then at 2:30, Ghana faces the U.S. Yours truly will be pulling big for our neighbors to the south for reasons well documented here. Key for the Americans will be a good start, mostly because they've been starting poorly every game. If they can get a referee that doesn't rob them of a goal like the last two games, even better. I'm thinking Uruguay and the U.S. emerge victorious.

Chicago Fire - that's Major League Soccer, peeps - defender Krzysztof Krol called the phone number on Patrycja Mikula's Facebook page in May even though he'd never met the Playboy model before. That's some balls, right? Well, seems KK has some game off the field as seven weeks later, the two got married.

The OHB was discussing his future and when asked if he'd come back, despite never truly going away, said "Hell, I want to know." Poor OHB, pretending the drama is anybody but his doing. Hope it ends in another interception, mostly because that's the safest bet. #NFL

True story on the just-passed former-NBAer Manute Bol:
When he first came to the US, his passport listed him as 5'2". "They measured me while I was sitting down," he said. Also true: Bol is credited with starting the "my bad" slogan.

Toronto FC host the LA Galaxy tonight at BMO Field and noted soccer hater in these parts Bukakke is joining yours truly, GBVH and others for the game. Suspecting he has a ridiculously good time. I know what you're thinking and the answer is "yes, Bukakke is in town during the G20?" No connection. Really.

Loved ARod crushing one against Joe Torre. Would have loved it more had he styled it and held up eight fingers while rounding the bases. The Yankees beat the LA Dodgers 2-1 and now lead the AL East by three games.

Have a great Saturday. I've got England and Argentina to win tomorrow.


Kristian A said...

I'll do the opposite then and take Mexico and Germany

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