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Monday, June 21, 2010

French surrender

Love the banner being pulled by a plane - on Father's Day, no less - over Pebble Beach yesterday as Tiger Woods was about to tee off.   Not sure if that was to blame for his blowing up yesterday.

Tough to say which team is a bigger disappointment in World Cup play after their first two games: defending champion Italy or highly touted England? Both have some work to do if they're to advance to the round of 16.

That time of year again?  Wimbledon is here.

And then there is France, a total disaster on and off the field.  Striker Nicholas Anelka has been sent home after telling coach Raymond Domenich "to f–k yourself. You dirty son of a bitch.”  In response, Domenech said in statement that French team won't train because of Anelka's exit. How very French of them to quit when the going gets rough.  And as if that weren't enough, captain Patrice Evra and  physical preparation coach Robert Duverne got into it in practice, and word is Duverne has quit too. Meanwhile, the team France beat to qualify on a controversial hand ball - Ireland - sits at home no doubt relishing this implosion.

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright has a record 22 straight quality starts at home.

South American teams are undefeated in eight games at the World Cup.

Not sure what says "security" more than an enraged fan making his way into the English dressing room on Friday and confronting David Beckham.  Maybe he was thinking that at least Beck's wouldn't have sleep walked his way through England's scoreless draw with Algeria like the rest of the guys in white did and should've been out there even on one healthy leg.

A funny thing happened on the road to the 25-win season some forecast for Philadelphia Philly Roy Halladay. Halladay is now 8-6 and his former team has more wins than his current one.

A Scottish shopkeeper celebrating the World Cup has been accused of racism for hanging banner reading "Anyone But England."  Silly me, didn't realize that "English" was a race.

Declan Hill, author of "The Fix" that documented gambling and soccer's relationship, discusses how there will be fixes in the coming week of the World Cup.


gbvh said...

So wrapped up in the soccer I didn't even realize the Wimbledon thing.

Looks like the Rodge was down two sets before coming back to win.

Kristian A said...

France - South Africa tie, Mexico, Argentina, South Korea wins.

I was about to say that south and central america would have 6 teams through to the 1/8 and 5 in the quarters. Chile however, been looking very good so far, but could be snubbed because of Spain's bad loss last week. Either way, south america's had a great outing. Best (in most beautiful soccer) played there right now.

Kristian A said...

Quote by David Goold on Wainwright:

Since the All-Star break of 2007, about the time you could fairly say that Adam Wainwright got his traction as a major-league starter, there have been five pitchers in Major League Baseball to have made at least 50 starts and have an ERA of less than 3.00.

Wainwright has the lowest ERA of them all.

He’s also the only one without a Cy Young Award.

Kristian A said...

Wrong Link, sorry about that: