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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday's games didn't go at all like I figured they would, as teams already advancing - Argentina and barring something crazy, both Uruguay and Mexico - all played like their lives were at stake.  Fantastic stuff.  Nigeria were a goal away, and missed an empty net from 5 feet out - picture at right - from advancing to the knockout round, but a 2-2 draw with South Korea wasn't enough.  South Korea will play Uruguay Saturday morning now, with Argentina facing Mexico on Sunday.  Your Culturally Insensitive World Cup Goal Roundup For June 22

Up today, you may have heard that England is a bit tense with what is almost surely a do-or-die game against Slovenia.  Win and they advance, perhaps even as the first place team in Group C, avoiding a possible date with Germany.  The U.S. face Algeria needing a win to ensure their advancement too.  Those games go at 10am (Eastern).  At 2:30, Germany face Ghana needing to win to claim Group D.  Serbia also need a win to advance against Australia.  A huge day with far too many possibilities to list for who advances, but I'm going to suggest it goes England and the U.S. in that order in Group D, and Germany and Serbia in that order in Group D.  On a personal note, a mandatory monthly meeting was moved from next week to today from 9:30 to 11am.  Somehow, I'm going to try to avoid finding out a score in both.  Wish me luck on that.

TheBigLead looks at four reasons why Europe's entries to the World Cup are struggling.

This site lists the ten worst soccer dives.  Shame the game allows garbage like this.  I've long said that with all the video out there, it wouldn't be hard to drop cards and suspensions on player's post game for clear embellishment and then you'd see coaches drive it out as it would cost teams games and dollars with players sitting out for that nonsense.

Just a few more reasons soccer rules on TV: single commentator who doesn't think silence is the enemy, time boxed to two hours max, and the best part: no commercials save for half-time.

Might we see a Chris Paul and LeBron James combo somewhere next year NBA powerbroker William "World Wide" Wesley is telling teams that if they deal for CP3, that will aid their chances of landing 'bron.  Too many possibilities and moving parts there to see it happening, methinks.

Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera went through alcohol treatment in the offseason, and it seems to have worked judging by his day-game OPS this year versus year's prior.  This is stunning: 2008: .708 (.982 at night), 2009: .851 (.995 at night), 2010: 1.101 (.991 at night).  Memo to MLBers Missing The Greenies: don't hit the bottle at night, hit the bases big next day.

Texas billionnaire T.B. Johnson is interested in purchasing the entire CFL...and making an NFL team out of the best players.  Umm, okay.

Minnesota Twin and reigning AL MVP Joe Mauer has yet to hit a home run at the Twinkies new park.

Says Bill Simmons (aka "The Sports Guy") via Twitter:  After watching Messi this year on Barca & now in the WC, I'm convinced he's better at soccer than any U.S. pro athlete is at anything.

Because some of you have no life, I present the NHL schedule, 2010-2011 version.

Have a great day, enjoy the games!


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Kristian A said...

Except for in England. Twice ITV (I think) has dropped to commercials only to miss an England goal. That only shows how commercials does not belong during the game though.

Going for Netherlands, Denmark, Paraguay and Italy tomorrow. All the favorites. My heart says Slovakia will beat Italy, but I'll go for the favourite.