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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Down the stretch they come...

Portugal blew open the doors on North Korea and smoked them 7-0.  For Portugal, it assures them of nothing as Brazil isn't likely to lay down as second place in the group potentially means a date with Spain in the round of 16.  No easy task there. The clock has started on North Korean players defecting now rather than to face dismemberment or death upon returning home.  Chile continue to keep the South American ball rolling in their 1-0 win over Switzerland.  Only 9 cards, and one of them a straight red, handed out there.  The final game of the day saw Spain beat Honduras 2-0, though it might well have been four or five times that.

Interesting pic from the LA Lakers victory parade, no?

Missed these the last couple days.  Your Culturally Insensitive World Cup Roundup for June 19th/20th.

Today's the first day of each team's third game, and no longer are there three game slots.  To keep things fair to the extent possible, all groups are playing at the same time to avoid any unfair advantage like knowing you need to win, tie or even a loss keeps you in it.  Group A sees Mexico and Uruguay tangle to determine first place, and a likely meaningless France vs. South Africa game, both at 10am.  At 2pm, Group B gets sorted out with Nigeria taking on South Korea, and Argentina tuning up for round of 16 play with Greece, though Greece remain alive.

In case you didn't get to test out the new RandoMango test site yesterday, check it out here.  Let me know what you think.

Florida Marlins ace Josh Johnson returned from Tommy John surgery 07/10/08.He's 30-8, 2.95 since.

FIFA may not have formally discussed their thoughts on referee Koman Coulibaly when he fisted the U.S. in a game against Slovenia they had in the bag late, but safe to say when he's been removed from consideration for round of 16 work, they've sent the message loud and clear.  If the story leading up to the tourney was of the ball being poor and some stars getting injured, and the first few days was of low scoring and vuvuzelas, the story is now of some terrible officials that are far too loose with the cards and will hurt further rounds as players are under suspension.  The quality of play is no longer an issue at all, and the goals are coming aplenty, but the officiating is a disaster.

Carolina Panthers wideout Steve Smith broke his arm playing flag football.  I'm sure the Panthers are real thrilled with that development.

Might England's players be going the way of another coach killer routine?  Seems that way, as word has come of their discontent with their formation, player inclusions, and even down to the strict camp Fabio Capello is holding.  These guys best get their heads together, they're a bad game away from being  France II at this World Cup.  But at least they've got John Terry stepping into the role of "biggest and most obvious culprit".  JT is a tool.

Speaking of English players, Lionel Messi of Barcelona, and Argentina, is saying he'd love Barca to grab Manchester United's Wayne Rooney.  Well, beats him going to Real Madrid anyways, but can't imagine Rooney leaving Man U.

The Florida Marlins, who could use any stunt to drive attendance, held a World Cup promotion on the weekend where they gave away vuvuzela's to their "crowd" of 15,000.  Count Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon, who was in as the visitors, among those who were not fans.  Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen doesn't seem to mind, and says that crowd noise is a good thing.  Point to Ozzie.

14 funny soccer .gif's.  Good stuff.

NFLPA president Kevin Mawae teed off on former teammate Albert Haynesworth for his "woe is me" act over the Washington Redskins switching to a 3-4 formation on defence, cracking him as selfish, and something less than a man.

Philadelphia Fan is at it again.  Watch the guy in the blue shirt in the first couple rows as he makes his way to the stairs.


gbvh said...

The odds on the Uruguay/Mexico draw are +109. Hilarious.

The game is no longer playable on Pro-Line, too. Chickenshits.

TB said...

I saw -127 last night, no joke (other than that being a joke).

Forgot to mention with regard to Rays manager Joe Maddon, he bitches about vuvuzelas, but cowbell's are a-ok.

gbvh said...

France is a DISASTER.
Should have given up their spot to Ireland.

If homer South Africa advances I might vomit a little.

Kristian A said...

Great, instead of watching to well playing teams with good individual players, both Norwegian and Swedish TV has decided they'll rather show a team that didn't have to qualify for the WC vs. a team that qualified by cheating...

TB said...

In other news, Uruguay is one hell of a team in attack.

Kristian, is streaming the games.

Kristian A said...

last time I tried CBC it didn't work without a Canadian IP. Easier ways to get it than using a proxy.

Chile and Uruguay still not conceded a goal. In 11 games, South American teams have 9 wins and 2 ties (Ok, Uruguay and Mexico is not over yet...), and conceded 4 goals! Brazil by South American standards are leaking at the back, responsible for half of those goals.

TB said...

Call me crazy, but I think Mexico could well shock Argentina, especially as loose as the Argentine's are in the back.

So if I have it right, Nigeria win by two and Argentina beats Greece and Nigeria takes second? So many possibilities, didn't figure on that one.

Kristian A said...

Mexico and Chile are my dark horses. Chile not so much, as they've had a horrible draw, most likely meeting Brazil in the 1/8th. Had Mexico winning their group, but agree, they're very much capable of beating Argentina. Argentina's looked shaky in the back, and they've not exactly met world beaters so far either.

gbvh said...

Group B scenarios:

Kristian A said...

Second round gave me 8-8 so 15-14 so far. Still on the plus side at least. 1-3 today so 16-17 total.

Tomorrow might change that with US, Germany and Serbia wins and England... well they're facing a Slovenia with everything to play for so will call that a tie, with England facing France for a race back to the northern hemisphere.

BronxBomber said...

still getting raped but not hard as I was this time last weeked.

France is like the crackhead from intervention. You keep thinking, okay maybe now they'll turn it around and get it together. but nope.

gbvh said...

Great games today!