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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Landon F'n Donovan!

It took 90 full minutes and a few second before the U.S. finally cracked Algeria for a huge 1-0 win when Landon Donovan pounced on a rebound to score a goal that not only sees the U.S. advance from Group C but also do so as the top seed thanks to England only winning by 1-0 over Slovenia as well.  And to think somebody here scoffed that the U.S. were sh!t a month or so back when I suggested they're a team for neutral's to get behind.  I'll update that now: if you don't like that team, you don't like sports.  What a moment for the Americans.  In Group D play, Germany were narrow 1-0 winners and hardly impressive, while Australia knocked Serbia out of the tourney and almost put themselves through to the next round, but fell a couple goals short in a 2-1 win.  The U.S. will face Ghana on Saturday at 2:30pm while Germany will face England on Sunday at 10am.  Several potential big European match-ups coming in the round of 16 as we may also see Holland face Italy, and Spain face Portugal depending how things pan out the next couple days.

Group F gets sorted out today and seems almost impossible to imagine that Italy and Paraguay don't go through as the top seeds.  What is surprising is that it is likely to be in that order, which would almost certainly set up and Italian matchup with Holland as Group E leader.  Second place in Group E will be sorted out between Denmark and Japan.  Does it just feel like it has been the best week in a tourney ever, or is that just me?

At Wimbledon, John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played are playing the longest match in tennis history, at 8 hours and change - and counting!  The match is at an incredible 59-59 score in the fifth and deciding set, and is going into a third day after it was suspended due to darkness yesterday.  The match breaks the previous record of 6 hours, 33 minutes set in a 2004 French Open match.  Didn't see it?  Don't care?  Then maybe you'll want to see the Top 20 Hottest Women Player's At Wimbledon.

A bunch of NBA teams have new logos, with the Golden State Warriors being the most dramatic, and the Orlando Magic mercifully retiring that hideous font they had for "Magic".

Argentina's Lionel Messi is lobbying to have Oasis play the Argentine victory party should his team go the distance.  Problem is they're currently broken up, though Messi offers that they can just "name [their] price".

The NBA draft goes tonight.  I for one will be avoiding it, and most NBA news, to stay away from the overdone LeBron James hype.

Really, enough of the Roger Milla Coke commercials already.

I was tempted to make this the lone piece today, but figured there was too much stuff to mention to not, but here it is to close again, Landon Donovan's clutch goal for the U.S. against Algeria.  The goose bumps are yours free of charge.


hi said...

I stand corrected Mango haha.

hi said...

Prediction for tomorrow's matches:
Cote d'Ivoire - North Korea tie
Brazil win
Switzerland - Honduras tie
Spain win

gbvh said...

With that haircut, it's no big surprise Messi has only now come around to hearing Definitely Maybe and (What's The Story) Morning Glory?

hi said...

Who needs Noel Gallagher when you have the Tevez band:

Yes it is true, it is Tevez singing in that song.

Kristian A said...

South American Teams continue to be unbeaten. Let in 4 goals in 13 games now. The culprit behind that is Brazil who's let in half of those. the other 4 teams have conceded 2 goals in 11 games!

No need to watch the draft, the battle of the birds is on. Wainwright for the sweep!

14000 showed up to watch Carpenter last night, and TO bitch about Halladay not showing? Those fans doesn't deserve a Halladay visit.

Kristian A said...

Picks for tomorrow: Portugal win, CDI win Swiss - Honduras tie and Chile win! Another giant falls?