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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A busy sports Saturday...

UFC 112 goes today in Abu Dhabi. Anderson Silva defends the middleweight title against Demian Maia, and BJ Penn looks to keep the lightweight championship from Frankie Edgar in what should be a total cakewalk for Penn.

He's shot a 68 and a 70 in two rounds of The Masters. How many are waiting to see Tiger Woods card a 69 and have that as joke fodder?

Damien Cox of the Toronto Star looks at the NHL's MVP race and figures Sidney Crosby is the worthy winner over Alexander Ovechkin and Henrik Sedin.

Cristiano Ronaldo
is calling his shot, saying his Real Madrid will not only beat Barcelona today in a La Liga battle for first place, but will also go on to win the league championship. That game goes on GolTV at 4pm (Eastern).

Another loss has the Toronto Raptors tied in eighth place with the Chicago Bulls who shockingly dropped an overtime decision to the New Jersey Nets. Those two will play Sunday in Toronto.

It is the final night of the NHL season for some teams, and there's still plenty to sort out in terms of not only who is in or out of the playoffs, but also who gets slotted where.

Only two English Premier League games set for today with neither anything to write home about, plus the FA Cup semi-finals.

Toronto FC play their second game of the year tonight with another road game, this time in New England. Expect to see a tonne of TFC supporters in the stands for this one. Kickoff is 7:30pm on GolTV. RedNationOnline thinks TFC could well get the "W" in this one.

Check out Kenyon Martin's locker room eruption over the April Fool's joke in which his luxury sled was filled with popcorn set up against Cristian Bale's famed on set meltdown. Lots of great language here.

Hottest celeb baseball fans, plus the Hilton sisters who may be celebs, but aren't hot.

You're an American hockey coach in Slovenia who leads your team to the championship. So what happens in the aftermath? Six of your players beat the tar out of you. No, really. I read this piece and thought the six players were complete morons and deserved to be booted from the team - which they were - until I found out the reason why: the coach urged a 19-year old player to drive home post game despite the players warning him that he had had too much to drink. Of course, the player got in an accident.

Poor Wayne Rooney. Out injured last week during Manchester United's loss to Chelsea, he tries to have a pint but gets busted on camera. Hope he has better luck today.

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gbvh said...

Tempted to wager on Real today but not sure if I'll be able to pull the trigger. So many big games for Barcelona over the last weeek...not sure if that'll hurt them.