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Sunday, April 11, 2010

TFC gutted in New England

Not content with an impressive first half and a 1-0 lead on the road, Toronto FC instead went down like a house of cards in what would finish a 4-1 loss at New England, arguably as bad a defeat as last year's season closer in New York.

Lionel Messi has 14 goals in 9 games for Barcelona. Not sure too many NHLers have scored at that rate, yet it always is Hockey Fan cracking on soccer as being low scoring. With the 2-0 win, so much for Ronaldo's "guaranteed win" yesterday for his Real Madrid. He can now enjoy watching Barca take effectively take La Liga and the Champions League on his home field. Of course, Ronaldo still says - and maybe even thinks, in his own myopic way - that Real Madrid can overcome to win the league.

Toronto FC defender Nick Garcia is the worst thing to happen to Toronto since SARS.

CC Sabathia was four outs from a no hitter yesterday in the New York Yankees 10-0 beating of the Tampa Bay Rays before Kelly Shopach hit a legit single to put an end to it.

Not sure what it is with combat sporting events going overseas for events, but Frankie Edgar beating BJ Penn has me thinking of Mike Tyson losing to Buster Douglas in Japan all those years ago. Couldn't see it coming, and still can't believe it. Edgar decisioned Penn and took all five rounds on two of the judges scorecards, four on the other. Shocking. The other main event saw Anderson Silva score an unimpressive decision over Demian Maia.

And with the first overall pick in the 2011 draft, Toronto FC select...

Fox MLB colour man Tim McCarver saying throwing more pitches doesn't mean you're more likely to get hurt is like saying a dozen beers is as likely to get you drunk as one. Moron.

Toronto FC GM Mo Johnston has traded the first pick in the 2011 draft for a 2011 second rounder from Vancouver...

18 of the last 19 Masters winners have come from the final pairing so it wouldn't seem promising for Tiger Woods, who is four shots back of leader Lee Westwood. But, stranger things have happened on the final Sunday at Augusta.

Strange days in Montreal when Les Glorieux are getting a standing ovation for tying the Toronto Maple Leafs, who ultimately went on to win the game on a Dion Phaneuf overtime goal.

A healthy collection of misspelled uniforms. Good stuff.

Pittsburgh Penguin D-Bag Matt Cooke goes looking for a fight with Atlanta Thrasher Evander Kane and gets...thrashed. One punch. Take that BITCH. I'm no fan of hockey as a part of fighting, but this is awesome.

A brilliant edit of the Tiger Woods Nike commercial, with Morgan Freeman's famed bit from The Shawshank Redemption spliced in...


gbvh said...

The hockey-fan "soccer is too low scoring" camp forgets to realize almost all the goals in soccer are, like, intentional.
They come from a series of passes etc.

Hockey? Majority of goals are random and come off of silly deflections.

"Just throw it at the net" is a strategy. Lame.

BronxBomber said...

TFC looked as about alive last night as the Polish President....

United season is over, ah well it was fun while it lasted.

BigHeadedJerk said...

Evander Kane was in fact named after Holyfield. Awesome.

TB said...

Was actually going to make a comment about "Evander" in Atlanta, but didn't. Wasn't aware that was his namesake...interesting. Hopefully UNLIKE his namesake, he doesn't go on to be a drooling debt ridden breeder.

hi said...

That Matt Cooke video is priceless.